TWD: Marsha Marsha Marshmallows

homemade marshmallowsOne of the motivations for starting this blog was to join Tuesdays with Dorie.  This was my first official week — although I did make the yummy lemon tart from last week.  Let’s just say it was an interesting start.  Before going in I had no burning desire to make homemade marshmallows and clearly my subconscious was telling me something.  For one, I don’t have a stand mixer.  I covet those brightly colored kitchen wonders but I am making do for the foreseeable future with my hand mixer.  Somewhere in the book, but not in the recipe itself, Dorie mentions that this is one of the few recipes where the mixer makes a difference.  I am sure the result was really due to operator error, but I am blaming the mixer nonetheless.

I am not positive just where the problems started….limp egg whites, over cooked syrup, random distractions…but when I poured the syrup into the egg whites and it immediately began to crystallize I knew it was a downhill slope.  Doesn’t everyone enjoy a little hard crunch in their marshmallows?  I perservered picking “candy” chunks out the mixture and let them set up.  I will say that I owe one of the small successes of the recipe to reading the board discussion beforehand.  I oiled my parchment paper and used a pizza cutter and had no problems removing or cutting my sad little marshmallows.  The other piece of good fortune is that I live with two children who could smell sugar a mile away and aren’t terribly picky about its appearance and texture.  They loved the marshmallows and ate every last one. 

The finished product was far more reminiscent of some of that weird multi-colored gel like candy that is marketed only to kids than a traditional marshmallow.  Good week for my camera to be acting up.  I had to take the one and only picture with my phone.  No great loss. 

This recipe is exemplifies one of the reasons I love to bake.  If the end product isn’t what I expected, no great tragedy.  Throw it out (or foist it on some unsuspecting children) and move on. 

20 responses to “TWD: Marsha Marsha Marshmallows

  1. I don’t think they look bad at all! Your marshmallows look really scrummy! So nice and fluffy. I opted to make some S’mores with mine , except I used homemade peanut butter cookies. They kind of ended up like moreish Peanut Butter cup s’mores.

  2. Congratulations on your first official TWD challenge! I think your marshmallows look great!

    I don’t have a stand mixer either and I’m blaming my problems on that too. I couldn’t keep my hand mixer running while pouring the syrup in so everything deflated. Ugh. Oh well, maybe one day we’ll both get big shiny stand mixers!

  3. Well, they do look great!

  4. Welcome aboard! It’s a shame that the recipe didn’t work out for you, but there are many more to come, and you’ve got the right attitude!

  5. Well, I have a stand mixer and this isn’t the recipe for me either so don’t feel bad! Your marshmallows look pretty good though, all fluffy and white!

  6. It is fun to try something we never thought we’d try! Nice job, stand mixer or not!

  7. Welcome to the group! Tecnically I don’t have a stand mixer either…but I did borrow my mom’s since she not using it for awhile. More like stole…lol.I hope your next recipe works out better for you. There are so many more to come!

  8. Welcome! I’m sorry your marshmallow adventure went a bit off track, but they look great in the picture! 🙂

  9. Haha I didn’t have a great go of things either and I make marshmallows all the time. Oh well like you said, it’s not a huge loss and I think my trash can thoroughly enjoyed my mallows

  10. Aren’t kids great! And welcome to TWD!

  11. This was my first TWD week too. I also have two boys but they are 4 and 6 mo’s. Welcome to blogging. You’ll love it!

  12. Welcome to the group! They look good!

  13. Too bad they didn’t turn out, but foisting them on the kids is a great idea! Welcome to the group!

  14. So sorry you were disappointed. They look yummy though!
    My boat isn’t equipped with a stand mixer, so I had to pull the hand mixer out. I just whipped the living heck out of that meringue. Stood there forever too trying to do 4-5 things at once. Mine turned out good. Yeah…..If I do marshmallows again ~ and I will ~ it will be with my KA in a real kitchen!

  15. My kids are roughly the same ages as yours – and you’re right about the whole sugar attraction – no matter what it looks like, if it’s sugar, they’ll eat it. Actually, my daughter (age almost-four) helped with the marshmallows and rather than tossing the marshmallows in the potato starch, I noticed she was kind of massaging the starch into the marshmallows. They came out rather…um…interesting looking. Welcome!

  16. Love the idea of doing the blog about cooking with the kids.

  17. welcome to TWD!… your pic looks great.

  18. For the camera phone the picture turned out great! And we wouldn’t have been able to tell it crystalized if you hadn’t mentioned it. I guess thats good for anyone NOT eating them. The most likely reason they were crunchy was because your syrup began to crystalize. Whenever you make a syrup make sure to wash down the sides of the pot with water when you begin dissolving your sugar. Once it starts boiling, the tiniest speck will crystalize it. That’s probably what happened. No worries- a good lesson on syrup. Better here than on a final exam!

  19. What are you talking about? I think they look fine and I am sure the boys LOVED them! You should try it again especially with the kids – what a fun project!

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