Oh, Canada

It was a very slow week as I was in Toronto on business.  But I am planning to tackle Bill’s Big Carrot Cake for Tuesdays with Dorie soon.  It was my first time in Canada.  I was there for a conference.  First, we got incredibly lucky with the weather.  It was in the 60s and sunny all week…great weather for walking around the city. 

The majority of time was spent at the hotel in the conference but I did manage to take some time to explore the city.  Right before I left for the aiport I walked up to the St Lawrence Market.  I had a great time poking around all of the food stalls and was a little disappointed I didn’t have a nearby kitchen to bring anything to. 

I also had lunch at the 360 restaurant in the CN Tower  (the tallest building in the world, who knew?).  The food was fabulous — I have a new appreciation for sweet potato fries — and the view was even better.  Despite my lifelong issue with heights I did manage to briefly step onto the glass floor.  Very briefly. 

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