Barefoot Bloggers #1: Herb Baked Eggs

[Note:  Huzzah.  Pictures are working now. ]

There is a new cooking/baking group that Tara from Smells Like Home started: Barefoot Bloggers.  We are working our way through Ina Garten’s (the Barefoot Contessa) recipes.  We will be posting twice a month with rotating recipes selected by the members of the group.  Tara chose the first recipe: Herbed Baked Eggs from Ina’s book Barefoot in Paris

Generally, we are not a big egg eating family.  My kids, of course, happily consume all manner of cookies, cakes, custards, etc. made with eggs but draw the line at any dish where you can see evidence of an actual egg.  My husband doesn’t even go for the sweets.  I myself have some picky tendencies, especially when it comes to eggs.  I don’t really care for the taste of yolk (at all) and I would rather not see any part of it runny.  We don’t do a lot of brunch around here.

So, with these voluminous restrictions in mind, I set out to make this recipe.  I, clearly, only needed to make one serving or 3 eggs.  Unfortunately, my memory deceived me and I only had two when I thought I had three.  So, two eggs it was.  I melted the butter and cream as instructed, poured in the eggs and topped with the herb mixture, a delicious combination of parsley, thyme, rosemary and parmesan.  My new herb garden proving its worth already!

The eggs were still VERY runny (can’t have that) at 6 minutes so I broiled them for about 5 more minutes.  The smell of the herbs was DIVINE.  And the eggs were cooked enough that I was able to eat around the yolks (victory!).  If I made these again — and the herb mixture might convince me to do so — I would probably skip the heavy cream.  I have no qualms about using cream, butter, oil, etc when it improves or enhances the final product.  In this case I don’t think it did which makes it just wasted calories.

Check out the Barefoot Bloggers to see if people who actually eat eggs regularly enjoyed them.


8 responses to “Barefoot Bloggers #1: Herb Baked Eggs

  1. Mmmm, making this for breakfast. Thanks for the runny egg warning! We cannot have that.

  2. We aren’t big egg eaters either – but you’re right about the herb mixture. My husband loved these!! I also skipped the cream and just used milk. Don’t think it made a huge difference. But I also laughed about the runny yolk – that just make me nauseous. Must-be-well-cooked!!!

  3. Glad to know they can be done without the cream!

  4. I agree with you on the cream – I used whole milk and they were fine. Even low-fat milk would have worked. Nice work!

  5. I like (not love but like) eggs and runny yolks so they worked really well for me. Your eggs look great and I want those cherries. They don’t look that great by the time they ship them over here!

  6. I just joined barefoot bloggers and am so excited…finally someone started a group about Ina…I LOVE her. I have made these several times, and truly love them. Yours look delicious!

  7. smellslikehome

    great to hear you went for this recipe even with you’re not a regular egg eater. i had trouble cooking the runniness out of them as well but loved the final product!

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