TWD: La Palette’s ApriStawCherry Tarte

[This is a terrible picture.  I took the only broken piece – none of the others could wait before digging in.]

When I lose my laser like focus (ha!) in the kitchen, my mind wanders to random series of thoughts.  What will my kids look like in 5 years?  Where is that skirt I haven’t seen in months?  Why is there only one clean spoon in the drawer…always?  You get the idea.  Lately though, one thought keeps bubbling to the top:

How in the hell is Dorie Greenspan so thin?

Seriously.  It’s not that I think her recipes are any more calorie laden than anyone else’s…but…by her own admission, she bakes almost every day (see Introduction) and eats ice cream every day, even if only a spoonful.  I followed a similar schedule in 2007.  It ended with weekly Weight Watchers’ meetings and a self imposed limit on baking (and consuming) all the good stuff (butter, sugar, cream).

This week’s recipe (chosen by Marie of a Year from Oak Cottage) is La Palette’s Strawberry Tart which, all things considered, is one of the lighter recipes…if you ignore the fat stick of butter in the crust.

I love strawberries and we had plenty of them but we also had apricots and cherries.  Plus, it being summer, I am in the mood to grill.  Everything. (unexpected from a vegetarian of 10+ years?)  I brushed lightly with oil and sprinkled a little brown sugar and grilled away.

I also changed the crust.  My spouse doesn’t eat eggs and I had made this crust for the lemon tart.   Since I wasn’t yet a member when the Pecan Brown Sugar Shortbread cookies had their week, I subbed that in for the crust.  Yum.

Colin came in at the tail end of rolling the shortbread dough and was very irritated when I put it in the fridge.  This is actually him rolling the dough for the second set of cookies he talked me into.  See the very bottom for the less than successful results.

  Finally, I topped with a little caramel whipped cream (see Weight Watchers’ above).  Caramel sounded so appealing with the grilled fruit.  I found a recipe from Daniel Boulud and, despite my initial misgivings about my own skills, it worked!

We consumed every last bite of it after Sunday dinner with Grandma.  Perfect end to a summer meal.  Go check out the other tarts here.

Next week: Peppermint Cream Puff Ring.  I have been wanting to try this recipe.  The challenge this week will be finding the adequate time to devote to it. 


 At Colin’s irresistable request to roll more dough, we quickly threw together some of Maida Heatter’s Chocolate Pillows.  I was looking for a cookie that had to be rolled but NOT chilled.  Three year olds are not known for patience.  My apologies to Ms. Heatter.  I have made these before with better results.  In our haste we screwed something up and they totally crumbled.  Better luck next time…


30 responses to “TWD: La Palette’s ApriStawCherry Tarte

  1. I think it is clear that Dorie Greenspan is a LIAR. A svelte one, but a liar nonetheless. Grilled fruit is on the menu tonight–your photos made me salivate! Yum!

  2. Mm, that sounds like a good interpretation of the recipe.

    I’ve wondered that about Dorie myself. The calorie-content of her recipes is pretty intense.

  3. Mmmm.. grilled fruit and caramel sauce! Great ideas! Looks delicious!

  4. That grilled fruit sounds meltingly good. As a fellow vegetarian who loves to grill I think I’ll be lighting up my little one for some fruit soon. Great sub in with the missed recipe, very clever.

  5. Wow, yum! Grilled fruit and great additions. I’m jealous of Dorie, let me tell you.

  6. Dorie must be one of those annoying people who can eat just a bite or two of dessert. Like a drug dealer who doesn’t take from her own stash. 😉

    Pecan Brown Sugar Shortbread crust–YUM.

  7. Grilled fruit sounds yummy!

    Ulrike from Küchenlatein

  8. Haha – always the first thing on my mind is that question. How is she THAT THIN?!? Maybe she has more self control than I do…

  9. wow – grilled fruit! I also love that you have the cutest little helpers – and you don’t seem to mind their “impatience”! Great job!

  10. I wish I was blessed with Dorie’s genes. All I can think about now is next week’s choux paste ring.
    Grilled fruit sounds divine!

  11. I love, Love, LOVE that you bake with your boys! I also love that you are not afraid to take the recipe to your own level…yumm…pecan brownsugar shortbread crust, grilled fruit … and I, too, am quite suspicious of any chef that stays thin and yet cooks incredibly scrumtious food. It doesn’t add up!!! What do they say, never trust a skinny cook? Never mind, Dorie must just be one of those fabulously lucky people with a great metabolism!

  12. I feel like she must have a lot of people to share with 🙂

  13. i have been wondering the same thing about dorie! once i start eating it… i eat it all 😉 the mix of fruits sounds great, nice job!

  14. oh boy.. sometimes you do have to put your diet aside. This one is certainly worth its calories!

  15. Yum- grilled fruit! I was wondering the same thing about Dorie- is it just that she only eats 1 bite? You make me laugh!

  16. I NEED that recipe for the caramel whipped cream! That sounds amazing to this self-proclaimed caramel addict! Great job!
    Clara @ I♥food4thought

  17. The grilled fruit is a great idea!

  18. Your weekly stories crack me up. I often wonder how chefs in general (not just pastry chefs) stay thin – and then I look at Emeril or Mario Batali and that makes me feel better!!

    And every day my husband claims he won’t eat what I’ve made because “he’s not eating carbs” yet somehow it always disappears. Hmmm.

  19. Your grilled fruit is very inspiring…I bet that was just delicious…I learn so much from everyone here at TWD…so creative you all are with the recipes and ideas!

    Now, how about that little helper? How cute is he? I wouldn’t be able to tell him “no” either…too too cute. Crumbly or not, his cookies looked very nice and I bet they tasted just like he wanted them to taste!

  20. Grilled fruit? How delightful! And impatient cookies – I am sure they were still tasty! Great looking mixed fruit tart!

  21. Aaah, what a cutie patootie you have for a helper. Your piece of tart looks fantastic. And I agree, Dorie must workout when she’s not baking or eating or be blessed with a great metabolism. Maybe she can stop at just one?

  22. love your wee guy! and the tart looks yummy too

  23. yum! Grilled fruit! It looks amazing! Great job!

  24. Wouldn’t you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to bake every day & have your thighs forgive??

  25. Your tart sounds delicious!

    How does Dorie stay so thin!

  26. The key is to TASTE and not eat everything. Nice job rolling Colin!

  27. Your grilled fruit looks so good. As a fellow vegetarian, I’ll have to keep that in mind for girlling options. And, I wonder the same thing about Dorie whenever I pick up the book. How does one bake and stay thin? I’m not sure I’ll ever know, personally…

  28. Love your substitutions! And the idea of grilling the fruit first is genius!
    Shari@Whisk: a food blog

  29. love the fruit combination.

  30. love all the fruits you used! i also wonder how dorie is so thin too, esp when her recipes are so heavy!

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