TWD: Peppermint Cream Puff Ring

Hmmm…it is past 11:00pm on Monday night and I am just now getting around to this post.  I made the dish last week, but I clearly am not too enthusiastic about reliving it.  [NOTE: because of unexplainable computer issues, I couldn’t even post this until this morning.  I think I am ready to move on to the cobbler.]

This week’s recipe was Peppermint Cream Puff Ring chosen by Caroline of A Consuming Passion.  Making this reminded me a lot of the Florida Pie week.  Despite my ambivalence towards cream puffs and eclairs (I like them but have never craved them), this recipe has intrigued me for awhile.  I am a sucker for any chocolate/mint combination.  But, like the Florida Pie week, my turn for Friday Breakfast at work fell during an already jam packed week. 

In a typical week, I would have made this on Sunday afternoon but we had plans for Father’s Day and I didn’t think cream puffs were a good choice for pool party.  (Well, it was supposed to be a pool party.  Nobody lives in the midwest for the weather.)  So, I shoehorned it into Friday Breakfast Club which meant scrambling to get it done Thursday night after work and family time.  There was also a learning curve as I have never made cream puffs before.  I hate it when baking feels like a chore.

This spoon is representative of the whole experience.  I have had this spoon forever.  It is not difficult or cost prohibitive to get a new spoon but I never think about it.  Well, my arm pratically burned off stirring the dough in the pot.   The tone was set for this recipe when I went to my favorite kitchen store — which has everything — and they didn’t have a large enough pastry tip.  They were, in fact, ordering tips while I was there.  I should have been smart and picked up a new spoon.

I love peppermint and my neighbor said I could have some mint from her backyard.  Alas, it was too late to grab it and too late to make any successful substitutions.  Mint was in my head though so I threw in more than a few drops of peppermint extract.  Good thing I saved half as plain.  The mint had some bite.

I did like the bittersweet glaze but found that, even though the recipe made enough dough for rings, puffs, eclairs, etc., the amount of glaze was not so generous.  I made a semi-sweet ganache for the cream puffs.

The co-workers ate it all up but my husband reported that neither of the kids liked the puffs I left behind for them.

 Colin happy before actually consuming cream puff.

This whole post is a really a long of way of saying these cream puffs…were…well…cream puffs to me.  I would eat them again but can’t imagine making them again.

Next week:  Mixed Berry Cobbler.  Perfect timing. 

I guarantee not everyone stuck to the original recipe.  Check out all the variations here: TWD.


20 responses to “TWD: Peppermint Cream Puff Ring

  1. Oh, I love that comment about eating them again but not ever baking them again…so true on so many things! This one, however, was a keeper for us as the kiddos and hubby liked them really well.

    Cute pic of the little one…too precious.

  2. Next time you should use fresh mint, it doesn’t bite :-), great looking ring !
    Ulrike from Küchenlatein

  3. Too bad it didn’t wow you. Hope next week is better! 🙂

  4. well, at least the blondie is gorgeous! He can get away with not liking everythingif he looks like that. myabe he’ll like the cobbler better!

  5. Hey, at least you can say you made them! RIP wooden spoon though – so sad!

  6. Good job with the ring and puffs!

  7. Typical mom, struggling with an ancient spoon! I say that because I just threw out a spoon that was splintered! Try the puffs again, I guarantee they’ll be better when you have more time to spend!

  8. Sorry about your spoon! My husband cracked my favorite wooden spoon a while back, and I still mourn it! It was a great spoon.

    I’m sure you and your family will enjoy next week’s TWD recipe more than the cream puffs.

  9. Next week HAS to be better.

  10. So sorry about your spoon! Next weeks recipe will be FAB!

  11. I’m sorry you had troubles! Maybe next week will be better!

  12. sorry you weren’t so happy w/this recipe. i had to double the glaze too! cobbler should be great next week!

  13. Poor spoon and poor you! I’m sorry it didn’t pan out. Here’s to a better next week! 🙂

  14. Better luck next week. I love the defeated spoon photo.
    I’m with you about never having CRAVED cream puffs. They’re always nice, but…..

  15. That would make a great birthday cake. brilliant

  16. It’s another checkmark for the book, though! Sounds like a busy week you had!

  17. They look great despite your troubles. Don’t you just love jamming in a baking session between the “rest of your life”?! I think you should give the spoon a loving home somewhere as a memory of the great times you had together.

  18. Oh my! It seems this one was destined NOT to work! Next week will be better!

  19. The cream puff and ring look good! I decided to skip the chocolate topping for my own ring, so you got me beat there.

    I’m not sure if this will help any, but I don’t think kids are big fans of cream puffs in general. I remember not liking it that much as a kid. The same goes for mint flavoring, especially strong mint flavoring. So your cream puffs probably taste wonderful. I am sorry that it wasn’t to your liking, though!

  20. So sorry your spoon was a casualty in this one.

    I can relate that for many of these assignments/challenges I’m glad for the experience and the education… and I’d gladly *eat* the results again even when I’m not interested in repeating the process of making the recipe.

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