TWD: Mixed Berry Goodness

Cobbler was definitely a dessert of the moment.  Our Tuesdays with Dorie selection this week was Mixed Berry Cobbler, chosen by Beth of Our Sweet Life.  Berry cobbler screams summer and all that goes with it (the pool, sunscreen, lemonade, cut grass). 

We enjoyed our Mixed Berry Cobbler on a warm Saturday evening after a typical summer day.   Dorie says that you can substitute frozen berries and I suppose you could.  I have no idea.  It has never once occurred to me to make any kind of cobbler when the chosen fruit is out of season.  I only want a cobbler, crisp or similar when the fruit is so abundant and pervasive I can’t avoid thinking about it.  Chocolate chip cookies?  Anytime.  Anyplace.  Berry desserts?  Only in season and only after a great relaxed summer meal.  So, I won’t be eating cobbler after chili or pizza delivery.  We had pasta with roasted tomatoes and corn.  Perfect.

I had cherries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries on hand.  I could seriously eat bowls of this all day long, especially cherries.  I know I can’t have them all the time so I eat them compulsively for a few weeks.  I am in the middle of my cherry feast now and loving every minute of it.  [Note: had to grab a few while writing this post]. 



I read the comments before making the cobbler and there was some discussion about the cobbler dough lacking flavor.  I added a little cinnamon and vanilla and thought it was great.  I will admit that, while I truly enjoy cobbler, I am certainly not wedded to any particular topping.  I didn’t really grow up eating a lot of cobbler dishes and have no strong feelings either way.  Everyone enjoyed it so there you go.  Well, everyone except Colin who eats nothing that has the slightest hint of appearing in nature.  Cobbler = fruit; not for Colin. 

This is a silly picture of Will but he loved the cobbler and the “pool hair” is the perfect accessory to cobbler!

Check out the other cobblers here.  Next week: Apple Cheddar Scones.  A first for me.


23 responses to “TWD: Mixed Berry Goodness

  1. Such cute little cobblers! I’m loving cherry season too – so wonderfully tasty!

  2. I love the little minis. Why didn’t I think of that? The cherries were delicious, I added them to my cobbler, too.

  3. I used frozen berries because we have just strawberries in season ;-(, glad you liked your version

    Ulrike from Küchenlatein

  4. Oooh, cherries – I have gone through 3 four pound containers in the past month. It’s getting out of hand!

    It’s funny, though – I think of cobbler as a winter dessert and to you it says summer!

  5. Those are lovely…very nice and that photo of the berries makes me want to do it all over again right now.

    “Pool Hair” — I hear you…ten years of swimming year round on a swim team…only another swim mom understands “Pool Hair.” LOL.

  6. Your cobblers are so cute. They look delicious.

  7. cute! i did the little cobbler size, too – yours look really good!

  8. they look so good with the overhanging crust! the fruit looks delicious too 🙂

  9. Great job! I completely agree with you about cherries and using fresh fruit for this dish. Looks delicious!

  10. totally cute minis. I like the hanging crust.

  11. I love the individual cobblers!

  12. wow your fresh berries look so yummy. i find i really like frozen’s sweetness the best though, i’m such a sweet tooth. i also added vanilla and other spices to my dough and filling…they came out YUM!

  13. Totally agree that this is the perfect summer in the backyard dessert. Yummy looking minis!

  14. Fruit in season is definitely the way to go. Of course then there isn’t a need to bake–your bowl of yummies looked delicious. But then, your little cobblers looked great too–even with pool head!

  15. I love the fruit pics, so colorful! And your mini cobblers look delicious!

  16. Your cobblers look delicious, and the mix of berries sound wonderful!

  17. Adorable cobblers! I thought about making minis too, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to share! 😉

  18. Your cobblers look fantastic – great use of fresh fruit!

  19. I’m with you… happily addicted to cherries. I did go the frozen fruit route with this one… for convenience more than any other reason… but I’m betting it’s even better with fresh fruit. Great job!

  20. Wow, that mixture of fruit looks delicious!
    Shari@Whisk: a food blog

  21. looks like colin is missing out! i love your individual cobblers!

  22. It looks tasty! Great job!

  23. Isn’t summer grand? Your little cobblers look tasty.

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