Barefoot Bloggers: Parmesan Chic…no…Tofu!

Yeah, you read that correctly.  Tofu.  We are vegetarians…so there wasn’t any conceivable way I was going to buy, cook and serve chicken.  There would have been no takers. 

For our second official recipe the Barefoot Bloggers made Ina Garten’s Parmesan Chicken.  Part of the reason I joined this group was to expand my culinary adventures in the kitchen.  As a vegetarian, it can be too easy to fall back on beans and rice, and I do try to avoid “soy meat” at every meal.  So, I thought it would be fun to try to adapt Ina’s recipes to a vegetarian diet.  I told Tara when I joined and she didn’t kick me out…so I guess it’s OK.

OK…to the recipe.  I – obviously – switched out the chicken for tofu but otherwise stuck to the recipe.  I made my own breadcrumbs (a last minute mixture of wheat bread and saltines when I found I didn’t have enough of either) and used the same herb mixture from the Herb Baked Eggs (sooo good).  The kitchen smelled so good when I was cooking.  Deceptively good for my youngest.  He came in the kitchen and excitedly declared, “PIZZA!”  He is the pickiest eater I have EVER seen.  You can imagine how well the not-pizza-tofu went over. 

I was the only one who put the greens on top of my tofu.  I think I like the concept of it more than the execution.  I almost always find that I have to cut down the lemon zest or juice in a recipe and this was no exception.  I made it as written this time, but would use a different vinagrette next time.  And I think there will be a next time.  It was easy, different from our usual, and pretty healthy. 

Check out the other chickens here!

8 responses to “Barefoot Bloggers: Parmesan Chic…no…Tofu!

  1. Interesting concept – sorry the execution didn’t turn out the way you’d hoped!

  2. Great to see that you used tofu. I love vegetarian adaptations so I hope to see more!! 🙂

  3. Wow- that actually sounds so good to me- I never would have thought to use tofu. Did you use extra- firm? I love tofu. Let me know what kind you used, I am going to definitely try it this way. It looks so good!

  4. This looks amazing – I love tofu. I think this would actually be a good recipe to use with seitan as well.

  5. I never know how to cook tofu – I will have to try this way.
    It looks really good!

  6. Great idea. I also love to just use zuchinni and bread it. Looks yummy!

  7. That’s great that you could adapt to fit your family’s tastes and diet! I love seeing what different adaptations people come up with every posting!

  8. I joined BB too and wanted to say hi.
    Very cool adaption. We are not a vegetarians, but we love tofu. I will be interested to see how you adapt the other non vegetarian recipes. Fun!

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