TWD: Apple Cheddar Cookies…Pancakes…Scones? Yeah, not so much…

Well, this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie challenge: Apple Cheddar Scones chosen by Karina of The Floured Apron.  This post was originally going to be about how I didn’t grow up in a cheese eating family and never in a million years would we have added cheddar to any baked good but I was game.  Well, that was until the scones (using that word VERY liberally) came out of the oven…

I do not know what happened but they looked about as much like a scone as a rock looks like blueberry pie.  No resemblance at all.   When my older son saw them coming out he asked when we could eat the cookies.  “They’re not cookies.”  “OK, when can we eat the pancakes?”  Not muffin, not biscuit and certainly not scone.

I am certainly no expert baker but I have made scones before, and (possibly miraculously?) they looked, smelled and tasted like a scone.  Maybe I overmixed?  I was confused by the last “kneading” step, but what do I know?  I also made them eggless so Jamie could enjoy them, too.  BUT I make lots of things eggless with no problem.  See muffins I made Monday below.  No eggs – not flat. 

I was a little distracted on Sunday — scone day.  I made this triple layer chocolate cake for my mom Patty’s birthday (it was FABULOUS) but still?

[ Picture is terrible but it was good…]

I was on my way to the trash with my precious little disks when my Grandma Sophie’s inner spirit took over and turned me to the freezer instead.  So, I am looking for suggestions as to what to do with six apple cheddar sconedisks and six apple cinnamon sconedisks (I couldn’t make them all with cheddar…what if it was nasty?).  Suggestions, anyone?

Next week: double crusted blueberry pie.  Yeah, I have made lots of pie but let’s not get our hopes up.  To see an army of fabulous scony looking scones click here.


28 responses to “TWD: Apple Cheddar Cookies…Pancakes…Scones? Yeah, not so much…

  1. Hey, just because they are flat, don’t throw ’em out yet! They might still be very tasty (have you tried them yet?) Just eat ’em with your eyes shut 😉

    Seriously, I’m sorry they didn’t come out quite right. It looks to me like you had either too much liquid or not enough flour or not enough leavening — maybe you measured something wrong in all the busy-ness?

  2. sorry about your result, maybe it is your baking powder?? anyway, that chocolate cake looks gorgeous! 🙂

  3. I am only familar with bland British scones, so I was surprised about these.

    Perhaps it was the baking powder let them be flat? You did it and that’s what count

    Ulrike from Küchenlatein

  4. They look like scone cookies! Not so bad, right? Your cake and muffins look great.

  5. Not sure what would have caused it, since I’m by no means an expert either. I thought your post was funny, though. And your cake and muffins looks YUMMY!

  6. I could see the apple cheddar ones split and made into a breakfast sandwich maybe?

  7. Ditto on the breakfast sandwich. That sounds really good. Your muffin and cake look delicious!

  8. I thought mine were a little on the flat side but they were delicious. Give them a taste. That cake looks so yummy! What a baking marathon.

  9. It was evil baking mojo! Seriously, it couldn’t have been you – that cake looks y-u-m-m-y!
    Call them cookies and call it a day!

  10. That cake could make up for any other baking faux pas!!!

  11. Did you taste them? They might still taste good. I wonder what went wrong though? Quite intriguing indeed. But I’ll agree with the others that the cake makes up for anything that might have gone wrong in your kitchen before or after it, it looks delicious!

  12. Hmmm. Not sure what happened there! But that cake looks awesome!

  13. Scone cookies…I am thinking you may have possibiities there…were they good? I have two 15 year old teenage boys, I would have just set them out and said they were cookies…they look like they taste good…they would have been gone before the hour was us with the boys. I agree with the others who said to check the baking powder…that might just be all it was if it was a little older. Fun story…fun photos.

  14. i recognize those cutie crate and barrel pink dot liners! i have three containers that i am just hoarding, because they are long since sold out. cookies, pancakes, whatever, TASTE is everything! hehee.

  15. Mine spread quite a bit as well, but still had a little shape left. I bet they still would have tasted great!

  16. Could have been a leavening problem, and/or you overworked the dough. Another kitchen mystery, but that cake sure looks good!

  17. Mine came out flat too.

  18. Hmmm…I’m curious, what did you use instead of eggs inside the recipe? Maybe you have created a new kind of scone, perfect for sandwiching a delicous filling! 🙂 🙂

  19. Maybe they’ll still taste delicious. I’d try a breakfast sandwich.

  20. I’m sorry they didn’t come out right but give them a try they might be really good!

  21. I wonder if you left out the raising agent (egg helps with raising as well, but the usual scones we make in NZ dont have eggs in them). If I was you I would have put more cheese in between two scones and toasted them like a toasted sandwich! I bet they still tasted good!

  22. Aww, I’m sorry these didn’t work out for you. Might have been your baking powder, or perhaps this particular recipe doesn’t go eggless well. But at least the cake looks good!

  23. My theory is that even if it doesn’t look pretty it can still taste great and if it tastes great I’ll still eat it.

    Could it have been old baking powder that made it not rise?

  24. I’m afraid I have no theories that haven’t already been expressed nor any ideas for employing your scone-cookies. But I’m with some of the others. Taste them… they may be just fine.

  25. Sorry for the flat scones, but I think the earlier comment about a breakfast sandwich sounds like a pretty good idea for using them.

  26. I think they look yummy! I would’ve never known that they weren’t supposed to be flat if you hadn’t mentioned it.

  27. Sconedisks, huh? Well, they look pretty, regardless! Maybe you just came up with the next big thing!

  28. As long as they’re tasty, that’s all that matters!

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