TWD: Blueberry Pie Oh My!

Wow!  Let me just start by saying that I served this pie to several family members and they all lived.  Not a small feat considering the calories loaded into this “fruit” dessert.  Our Dorie recipe this week was Double Crusted Blueberry Pie chosen by Amy of South in your Mouth.  Great choice for the 4th weekend.

Somewhere in the inner reaches of my mind (OK, in all of my mind) I like to pretend that fruity desserts aren’t as decadent as chocolatey creamy peanut buttery desserts.  I have made pies and cobblers and tarts before and have turned a happily blind eye to the sugar, butter and cream therein.  Not really possible with the obscene amounts in this pie.

I am with Dorie on using a combo of butter and shortening in the crust.  Pie crust is the only time I ever use shortening but it just seems to work.  I just don’t recall ever using quite this much.  Dayum.  It was, however, an outstanding crust.  I will try to reduce the amount of fat in the future, but I am sure it will lose something.  It’s all about the trade-offs, isn’t it?  I did reduce the amount of sugar in the filling.  I am glad I did.  It didn’t need another granule.  I also skipped the egg wash and sugar (my thighs cry no more) so Jamie would enjoy the pie too. 

My mother-in-law had Cool Whip in a can.  Ever seen it before?  Not me.

I was pretty ambivalent about blueberry pie before but this one was fantastic.  I love it when that happens.  Even Colin, who never eats anything that grows naturally on the planet despite how much sugar, cheese or sauce I pile on, ate some pie.  (Yes, we have tried everything.  We are resigned to hoping he grows out of it while he is still actually growing).  I tried to get a picture but this is the best I could do.  The boy is a moving target.


I made this pie at my mother-in-law’s house over the holiday weekend and she was very generous with her kitchen.  I love this rolling pin.  It was her mother’s.  It is homemade and it is hefty.  I am not sure I did them justice but it was fun to think of all of the pies rolled before this one.

PS  To all of the sweet people who suggested I go ahead and try the sconedisks from last week…well, I did.  They were decent but, for the calories, not worth it.  Especially after this week.  I may have to move into the gym.  sorry kids.

Check out the fabulous pies here!

27 responses to “TWD: Blueberry Pie Oh My!

  1. You are so funny, my kids wouldn’t eat the blueberries either.

    What really struck me is that I have the same rolling pin!

  2. Beautiful rolling pin, lovely pie! Isn’t it fun to be part of the cooking heritage?

  3. Your pie looks delicious! I have one that won’t eat anything either. I hope she grows out of it soon!

  4. Yeah…this pie was a calorie carnival, but it was so, so good! Cute story about your son. I have two that LOVE something for days and then won’t it have anything to do with it the next day! It will pass! Good job.

  5. Wow, your son looks incredibly happy. Nothing like pie 🙂

  6. you’re so right that fruit desserts are healthier… they have vitamins… and… fiber! 🙂 (just don’t think about the other stuff) glad you liked it!

  7. that is one fab rolling pin – and a happy little blueberry eating blonde, too! great job!
    BTW – nope, never heard of cool whip in a can. what will they think of next??

  8. Your pie looks great!

  9. Oh an that rolling pin is just fabulous!

  10. Your pie looks great!

  11. yum!!! looks like the boys really enjoyed it!

  12. I am so glad your son liked it.

  13. I am so glad that this pie exceeded your expectations! Great job!

  14. Looks great…and you are right…cut small pieces and put them on small plates because…oh, the damage this could do…LOL!

    Love all the little faces…cute.

  15. Like Megan, I have that same rolling pin too-It was my grandmothers! Yes, the fat amount was obscene–so much more than my standard recipe. Glad it was good!

  16. My son won’t eat a single solitary vegetable, so I know what you mean. Glad you liked the pie!

  17. Your pie looks wonderful!

  18. I hear you on the gym tip…Dorie has done wonders for my thighs, wonder why I can’t fit into my jeans, wonder why I need thighs are starting rub together, etc. 😉

  19. I, too, try to convince myself that fruity desserts aren’t as bad. I’m so naive that I actually believe myself!

    Great looking pie!

  20. Wow, your son ate fruit!! I can totally relate as my youngest steers away from fuits and vegs.

    Your pie looks like it turned out great. I might try reducing the sugar next time as well. Some tasters said it was too sweet.

  21. I love that rolling pin! Your pie looks yummy – and the picture of your boys is great.

  22. Your pie looks so good! That’s one good looking rolling pin!

  23. Nice looking pie. Like you, I was lukewarm when it came to blueberry pie. I’ve been converted.

  24. Cool Whip. In a Can. Wow.

    I am sooooo totally trying that.
    Great job!

  25. I’ve definitely gone through a lot more butter since I started baking Dorie recipes every week… That’s why I’ve started making smaller versions of a lot of the bigger recipes. It looks like your pie was a hit with the boys!

  26. I know what you mean about the fruity desserts. I usually count on my boyfriend to polish off most of my baked goods, but even though he’s 20 he’s still stuck in the same phase as your son — he wasn’t havin’ those blueberries. Thank God I halved the recipe.

    It’s good to hear someone else thinking about staying healthy in the midst of all the Dorie goodness!

  27. I’m totally jealous of that rolling pin! And your pie looks delicious, well done!

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