TWD: Plain Ol’ Pudding

What I like about pudding:

  • The whole family likes it.
  • It is good any time of year.
  • It does not require chopping, rolling, or a thermometer.
  • It is one of the ultimate comfort foods.
  • It is pure chocolatey goodness.
  • It is just fine plain.
  • It is just fine all dressed up.  I might actually have been tempted to dress this one up had I not still been REELING from the decadent pie crust last week.

What I discovered about pudding:

  • Homemade is absolutely totally worth it.
  • Whole milk is probably worth it but 2% was really really good.
  • It can be like a shot of chocolate straight into your veins.
  • It does not take that long to make.   It was a whirlwind during the actual cooking part, especially with a six year valiantly trying to help.  BUT it was over quickly.  Thankfully.  The six year old had requested – loudly – that we have Chinese steamed buns for dinner and that is a time consuming process (said six yr old then complained that they weren’t as good as last time.  Lucky I love him.)  We also attempted Part I of our great chocolate chip cookie experiment.  All that and we had still had time for a little fun outside…

Yes, it is the good ol Slip ‘n Slide.  One classic to go with another classic.

Yes, they wanted it to go down hill…

Back to the pudding…

So, thanks to Melissa of It’s Melissa’s Kitchen for picking a great recipe and turning me on to homemade pudding.  Honestly, it had never occurred to me to make it from scratch before, and now I am not sure I can go back to the box.  My mom even suggested replacing it as pie filling for an old family chocolate pie standard.  High praise indeed.  To get the recipe check out Melissa’s blog and to see how everyone else fared, check out the TWD Blogroll.

Next week:  Cherry Rhubarb Cobbler.  I have never cooked with rhubarb.  I wonder if it is still around in these parts…

30 responses to “TWD: Plain Ol’ Pudding

  1. The slip and slide looks so much fun! And I agree completely with all of your pudding points! Now I want some steamed buns too, even if they aren’t as good as last time(!)(boy don’t I know what you mean about little critics…)

  2. I haven’t seen a slip ‘n slide in years! Wow!

    The pudding was great, and I’m glad it converted you from a boxed mix to homemade!

  3. 🙂
    Everyone could use a shot of chocolate directly to the vein occasionally, yeah?

  4. your 6-year old requested chinese steamed buns? that his hilarious, but hey–he knows what’s good! i bet he loved your pudding!

  5. I think it sounds great as a pie filling!

  6. The whole milk is worth it.
    Glad everyone in your family liked it… I wish I could still slip and slide.

  7. I agree…this was my first homemade pudding, and now I can’t make the boxed stuff again. Glad yours turned out so well!

  8. Nice sundae glass! I was looking all around my house for something that remotely looked like that, but in the end just put them in pyrex bowls. I’m actually glad I used 2% because had it been any richer, it may be a little harder to eat more.

  9. Well, you fancied it up so much that it sure doesn’t look like Plain Ol’ Pudding! Great shots of the slip and slide also…a very fun post. Chocolate pudding pie…I am sure the guys here could so get into that…soon, very soon.

  10. Yours looks delicious!! I love the slip n slide photos – makes me think of my own kids last year (before the slip n slide broke). And – oh, pie filling! Great suggestion from your mom!

  11. The first picture is very nostalgic in the sitting at the counter in a diner sort of way… probably the glass. But its a GOOD nostalgia, and I bet it tastes better than any diner pudding out there.

    Glad it worked out for you, and I wish I had a slip and slide…

  12. Glad you all enjoyed it! I thought it was pretty wonderful and worth the effort over boxed too.

  13. yours looks tasty!! i am in the same boat as you, totally converted to homemade 🙂

  14. chocolate in the veins?? that explains a lot!!
    Just kidding – yours looks great, and the slip-n-slide pics are too fun!

  15. I could use a shot of chocolate in the veins right now! My little one wants to come and play on your slip and slide (hers isn’t as nice as yours she said). Great job on the pudding glad your family enjoyed it!

  16. What yummy looking pudding. My kids love the slip and slide as well. What fun!

  17. I was thinking of using it for pie, too. Love your pictures!

  18. ooh slip and slide…! i loved the pudding with whipped cream, the black and white was such fab combo!

  19. A shot of chocolate straight to my veins is a great way to describe it…especially when made with dark cocoa. Looks yummy!

  20. Look at all that whipped cream! yum! So good with the chocolate pudding. Great job!

  21. Homemade is totally worth it!!

  22. me again!! I am back to TAG you!!! hahaha. Check out my blog to find out what you are in for…

  23. That pudding will put smiles on faces! Looks so good.

  24. Nice pictures! I like your presentation. I could never go back to boxed pudding either, after tasting Dorie’s 🙂

  25. I agree with all those things you said about the pudding, it’s great! 🙂

  26. I really like you presentation. Reminds me of an ice cream shop! I so miss the slip n’ slide. I live in Lebanon right now and there aren’t many places to set one of those up at. I live in the city….sorta like NYC. Unless I own a pent house or live in the mountains, I am pretty much stuch always heading to the sea…oh the horror huh? lol. Look forward to seeing your post next week.

  27. I think it would make a great pie filling too! Next time Dh requests chocolate pie I might use this instead of the usual one. Good job!

  28. Wow, that slide is bringing back great memories of hot Kansas summers!

  29. Mmmmm.. your pudding looks delicious! And I’m with you… this recipe has turned me into a homemade pudding convert!

  30. This was a great post. I’m sorry I got here so late! They look like they are having fun on the slip and slide…my kids still love that thing! I’ve never cooked with rhubarb before either, so I’m pretty nervous about the results. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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