Happy Birthday Colin!

My baby – my BABY! – turned four today.  Unbelievable.  He has been a complete joy and the time has really flown.  I remember my dad telling me that one morning I was starting kindergarten and about a week later I was graduating from law school.  I am beginning to understand what he meant.

Every age has been a blast but it is difficult to not be nostalgic about days gone by…

 Brownies for grandpa in 2007.

 Smiles from spring 2006.

 Raking in 2005.

 As a peanut for his first halloween in 2004.  I called him peanut during my whole pregnancy and I called his brother pumpkin.  I thought it would be a fabulous idea to have them go as a peanut and pumpkin for halloween.  His brother HATED his pumpkin costume and cried the entire time.  My hopes of a cute picture of them as their “nicknames” to keep forever were decidedly and vocally dashed.


2 responses to “Happy Birthday Colin!

  1. Oh…he’s a real cutie!! I hope he had a great birthday. It really does go TOO fast! Love all the pictures of him.

  2. Great pictures – time really does fly – my BABY is 9!

    Happy birthday to the “peanut”!

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