TWD: SUMMER! Fruit Galette

Summertime and the livin’s easy…

I always thought that I would like to live near my children when they are grown. I would like to be a part of their families like my parents are a part of ours. Well, after last winter, I told my husband that plan may be history. The older I get the less I can take of cold weather, snow, ice, etc. Bad enough that winter days get about 8 minutes of sunlight but my fingernails have to be blue as well…So, kids, head south or expect mom to be an infrequent visitor at best.

 What we did on Sunday while the dough was chilling.

 Sunday in December.  Is it really a contest?

Long way of saying I love summer. I love long days and warm weather. The pool, lemonade, picnics, fireflies, the ice cream man…I love it all. OK. It’s been a little more than warm lately, I admit. BUT it still beats hunting down lost mittens and scraping my car (and socks, I really hate socks). The Tuesdays with Dorie selection this week is Summer Fruit Galette chosen by Michelle of Michelle in Colorado Springs and it epitomizes one of the many things I love about summer. Fresh fruit! Lots of it. I eat so much fruit I may just sprout seeds some day. Winter is a big challenge for me.

 Doesn’t that fruit look gorgeous?

For the galette, I went with nectarines but the possibilities are myriad…peaches, plums, apricots, berries. Take that winter and your endless variations on pears…

Not as pretty out of the oven but delish!

In short, we loved it. I wasn’t sure what to expect and, after the cobbler last week, I wasn’t really relishing another fruit dessert. But it was fabulous. I would make it again in a heartbeat. I only made one change and that was to cut the shortening out of the dough. After the blueberry pie, I decided to try cutting down the fat a little. I didn’t increase the butter and it was still soooo rich.

Next week: Black and White Banana Loaf.  I looovvve banana bread…

Check out the other fabulous fruit galettes here.

PS  I know there are plenty of people out there who love cold, snow, sweaters and the like and I am glad you do.  It would be pretty boring if we were all the same.

20 responses to “TWD: SUMMER! Fruit Galette

  1. Your galette looks delicious. I do love the summer, but I have to say I’m a northern girl at heart. Give me snow any day!

  2. That fruit DOES look gorgeous! And the pool looks like fun!

  3. I always thought I wanted to live in the snow until I actually did. We lived in NY for 4 years and NEVER AGAIN!

    But now, of course, I’m living in a climate that fluctuates from 50 in the winter to 115 in the summer. Talk about extremes!!!

  4. This is your husband – I know you hate winter, but you’d hate living far away from our kids even more!

  5. The galette does look beautiful out of the oven…and I guess looking forward to summer fruit desserts makes winter sort of bearable.

  6. I think it’s a good idea to reduce the fat content in the dough, great looking galette

  7. I’m glad you liked it, and I agree – fat content could definitely go down without missing anything.

  8. I love how your husband identified himself…too funny.

    I hear you on the winter bit…and it lasts FOREVER. I figure the thing to do is make sure the kids go to college in a warm climate and then encourage them to find work there…and then we move to be near THEM. That’s my plan.

    You galette looks delicious! I would make this again in a heartbeat, too. My fav dessert so far.

  9. Your galette looks delicious and the boys look like they are enjoying their summer!

  10. I’m with you. I HATE the cold and that galette is gorgeous!

  11. This galette is SO much better than a cobbler, IMO! Yours looks fabulous!

  12. It looks delicious! Great job!

  13. Delicious! And those summer photos of your boys are too cute! enjoy summer!

  14. Hmmmm…so you like summer a bit, huh? :o) It looks like everyone was having fun in the pool. I really enjoyed the galette, and I’m glad you did, too!

  15. Summer is so fleeting, you have to enjoy every moment. Your galette looks so beautiful. I think the ones with bigger pieces of fruit came out a little better-more room for custards and a little less juice.

  16. The picture of the galette before it was cooked looked really good! You make it looks so yummy:)

  17. Oh my gosh, I think your finished galette looks perfect! Nice!

  18. Pears are tasty, but your nectarines look yummy. Great job!

    Hey… why don’t you freeze a couple of these and use them to have a taste of summer in the dead of winter?

  19. That galette is gorgeous! I’m a four seasons kind of girl. I need sun, but I also need snow.

  20. Wow, that fruit does look beautiful! I love both photos and that looks seriously amazing.

    As for the snow… I did it for a few years and I’m glad to be back in the sun (you don’t have to shovel heat you know!)

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