BB: Under the wire, baby, just under the wire

The second Barefoot Blogger recipe for July was Smoked Salmon Spread chosen by Ashley of the Spicy Skillet.  I could relay some sob story about how busy I was and how great I am for getting it done at all.  But that would be mostly a lie.  July was super busy but, frankly, this was mostly plain old fashioned procrastination.  I am an expert in that particular field so I should know.

Why did I procrastinate so?  Well, there was nothing and, I’m sorry, but nothing that appealed to me about this recipe.   Nothing personal, Ashley.  I am a little picky.

Cream cheese – only sweetened in baked goods for me. 
Sour cream – tolerable if highly disguised (see baked goods reference above).
Dill – worst herb ever.
Salmon – vegetarian, ’nuff said.

So, why didn’t I take a pass?  It’s the vegetarian thing.  I know something will come up that I just won’t be able to work around.  So, I attempted a work around on this one.  The only person in my family who likes sour creamy type dips is the six year old.  yup.  I made a six year old size serving.  I traded rosemary and olives for the dill and salmon.  Will loves olives. 

The dip is chilling now.  I’ll let you know what he thinks.  He is asleep.  He is only six, you know.  If you’re curious as to what the dip might taste like as written, check out the barefoot bloggers here.

PS  It says August 1.  That is just annoying.  Not everyone lives on the east coast…

One response to “BB: Under the wire, baby, just under the wire

  1. How did your taste tester like this? I did mine with corn and cheese and baked it, it wasn’t too bad either. Nice to know there’s another vegetarian doing Barefoot Bloggers 🙂

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