The Best Birthday Gift.

Tuesday was my birthday.  At my age I am well past waiting for it on pins and needles.  Frankly, the next one can come as slow as it would like.  Wouldn’t bother me.  BUT it is always fun to be celebrated.  I wasn’t in the mood for cake so I had a giant thick chocolate malt.  Seriously, is there anything better?  Definitely my desert island dessert.  My mom and kids decorated our house…

Unfortunately, my mom is a little absent minded.  While it has been awhile since I have been carded, I am not yet ready for “the home.”

Yes, it says “80.”  It was unintentional.  So, she claims.

But, really, I could have given a rat’s *&% about the sign.  Why?  Because I got the BEST birthday gift ever (insert Hallelujah chorus and shining white light here):

My husband rocks!  He did well.  Very well.  I registered for a kitchen aid mixer for our wedding.  TEN years ago.  Yup.  I have been patient and I have been rewarded.

4 responses to “The Best Birthday Gift.

  1. Happy Belated Birthday!! Yeah for the bright RED Kitchen Aid!! You know that you will be getting lots of use out of it!! Great gift, indeed. Enjoy!

  2. Awesome gift!! If it makes you feel better, that happened to my girlfriend too …. except it was her 30th and her mom put up one that said “happy 40th” 🙂

  3. Happy happy birthday indeed! Can’t wait to see what fabulous creations start heading out of your kitchen!

    And it’s very red……… pretty!!

  4. Happy birthday! And congrats on the Kitchenaid!

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