The agony of defeat

I am obsessed with the olympics.  I am watching the women’s gymnastics team finals.  I feel so bad for Alisha Sacrimoni.  Poor thing.  If her parents are there, I am sure it is taking every ounce of self control not to run down to the floor and take her in their arms.

And the Chinese?  Great gymnasts but they are all 16?  I am feeling very 25 today.  yup 25.

And what happened to Romania?  7 points behind?  They were the POWERHOUSE.  Despite my youthful “age” I am feeling very old…


3 responses to “The agony of defeat

  1. I think of chinese food every time I watch the olympics !

  2. Oh I know, so sad, I just wanted to cry for her.

  3. I love the olympics too! I felt so bad for Alisha, espeically since she made that same mistake 4 years ago when she failed to qualify. Gymnastics is so much fun to watch, but so is swimming and diving!!

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