TWD: Going Granola

It is obvious after reading many of my fellow TWDers blogs that they are FAR too young to have experienced let alone remember any of the 70s.  Well, let me take you on a little history tour.  In the 70s we had three channels (and they still found time to air “What’s Happening, Mama?” – go figure).  Our roller SKATES had four wheels and we had a penchant for satin disco jackets.  We had to heat everything on the stove and every appliance really was avocado green or harvest gold.  Food out of a box was progress and we all ate margarine, except for grandpa who could taste the difference, thank you very much.

You know what else we had?  Granola.  Granola bars, specifically.  Not granola layered in yogurt parfaits.  We were too busy eating Cap’n Crunch and Apple Jacks for breakfast (what happened to the prizes by the way?).  For a time, every self respecting mom was packing granola bars in lunch boxes as a healthy snack.  They were crunchy and they all seem to be cinnamon flavored.  General Mills had yet to figure out that you could fill them with M&Ms or coat them in PB and Chocolate. 

So, I had to laugh when I saw the recipe this week.  Granola cookies.  Whatever tenuous claim to health food granola was still hanging onto has just been obliterated.   Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE granola but the tastiest has oil, brown sugar and honey.  Just like an apple, right?  (Of course, in the 70s with our three channels, we were out running around a lot.  So, we’ll give mom a break).  I make my own so I can control for however many calories I feel like using on granola.  I have issues with portion control so I usually cut down on some of the good stuff.

 (the lighting is horrid but it was late and I was packing)

When I made these I did make several substitutions.  I cut out the nuts because I wanted to eat them and nuts?  Ruin all good desserts.  I used dried cranberries, dried cherries, and chocolate chips.  I also went for the flaxseed just because I didn’t have any wheat germ on hand.  I had some issues with the bottoms browning quickly so I lowered the temperature.

 Grandpa and grabber on the boat.

These were really good.  I loved them and ate WAY too many of them.  I made them to take to the lake for the weekend.  I thought they would be a great snack to have around.  I did not, however, anticipate grandpa (my dad) bringing ice cream, licorice, pretzels, etc.  The cookies were overshadowed to say the least.  Oh well.  I am sure I will make them again when there is less competition and when I can be assured of some help in consumption.

 This picture doesn’t have anything to do with the cookies other than it is from the same lake trip. My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary and I am pretty happy about it. 

A big thank you to Michelle of Bad Girl Baking for choosing Granola Grabbers this week.  I was so ready for a cookie!   The recipe can be found on her blog.  Check out all of the other blogs here.  Next week:  Chocolate Banded Ice Cream Torte.  ICE CREAM AGAIN!

A note about making homemade granola:  Do it!  Not only do you get your favorite combination but it makes the house smell wonderful!


27 responses to “TWD: Going Granola

  1. I loved my 4-wheel roller skates! Ah the 80s… I barely remember them but thankfully I still had my roller skates in the 90s. I am scars on my knees to prove it! LOL. Happy Anniversary to you and hubs.
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  2. am=have
    PS. I got distracted by roller skate nostalgia. Your grabbers look yum. Great job!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  3. your cookies look fabulous! and good on ya for making your own granola–i’m sure it’s way tastier than store bought, even if you do show a little restraint when making it!

  4. lol, we only got 1 channel that was in the US and PBS. Everything else (all of two other channels) was canadian and one of them was French! I remember those days.

    Grandpa was a smart man! Butter is best!

  5. Nice for making your own granola!! Those look fabulous! I wish I was on that boat with those grabbers!

  6. Oh roller skates, I used to love that! LOL you forgot to mention how cartoons only came on Saturday mornings! Remember that? Your cookies look delicious!

  7. you can’t possibly be old enough to have those memories of the 70s…..maybe your parents told you about it. 🙂 i remember them very well, even with fondness (except for avocado green and harvest gold).

    i’ll have to try flaxseed next time – always trying to work it into my diet. gorgeous cookies!

  8. Congrats on 10 years! And even though I was -15 in 1970, I grew up rollerskating. I’ve never rollerbladed in my life!

  9. I had three channels…I remember all of that!! When the TV was on, we watched it together. I think no one does that anymore.

    Thanks for thememory lane trip – your cookies look yum!

  10. Ok smarty, I am old enough to remember the 70’s – quite clearly.

    Shag haircuts, shag carpeting, and School House Rock. No VCR’s, computers, DVD, cell phones – my kids wonder how we survived. Ha!

    My roller skates were the best. Of course, it was safe to skate in your street back then.

  11. I almost forgot – Happy Anniversary!

    And would you share your recipe for homemade granola? I can’t find a decent one without nuts!

  12. Really enjoyed your post. Of course, I never had my own satin disco jacket and was a little bit of a klutz on my 4-wheeled skates, but it was fun! You’re right about the 3 channels! There was never anything good on, that’s why we were outside from after breakfast until bath or bed time! Oh, and Happy Anniversary!!
    P.S. Nice cookies. ;o)

  13. I almost chose dried cherries, but the dried cranberries won out.

  14. What a fun post…and the photos are always great…the boat, the water, the grandpa, the anniversary shot…wow…just a perfect summer all around…granola grabbers and memories complete the deal. Looks great! Congrats on 10 years…I think I remember 10 years, yes, I am sure I had 10 years…we celebrated 30 this year and it jsut gets better and better. Here’s to your next 20! (and more)

  15. Hey, I remember the 70’s too! Cap’n Crunch was my favorite cereal but I had one of those all-natural type of moms who would only let me eat it like twice a year. You just gave me a huge craving for it. My husband still likes to eat Cocoa Puffs when he’s had a bad day and needs comfort food. LOL! I love making my own granola, too, and the aroma is divine!

  16. Hilarious post! And the cookies look great!

  17. Newbie here! Ah yes, the 70s. Not only were there only 3 channels, but you had to get up to change the channels and move the antenna around to try to get a good reception. I can totally see these cookies fitting right in with that scene! Your cookies look great, even in the dim light — LOL!! Happy anniversary; we have our 10th coming up in a few months. Where does the time go? Great cookies and great post!

  18. I can remember the fifties, and my roller skates had a key. When we finally got a tv it only had one station, it was black and white, and it went off at 8 o’clock. And the phone number was only 6 numbers, and the phone was black. But in the 70s I made granola, though I haven’t made it since, and I thought about that when I made these cookies.

  19. I actually still have (just found) my satin ROLLER disco jacket. Powder blue with faded gold and silver glitter. My niece wants to wear it for Halloween?!?

    Great grabbers!

  20. Don’t forget about the plaid pants! =) I think every child who grew up in the 70s has a picture of herself in plaid pants–I know I do. Your cookies sounds terrific. And I’ve really got to try making my own granola sometime.

  21. Shoot, some of us remember the 60’s (and have just celebrated our 27th anniversary!) My skates had a key I wore on a string around my neck. Anyway, I’m with you on the homemade granola. And the dried cherries; they were great in this recipe.

  22. Ah the seventies. I do remember the cuisine but, due to being raised by hippies, I had nothing out of a box or package.
    I used to be amazed at the sliced bread at my friends’ houses.
    Of course, I was jealous of them. All I had was real food.
    Now, like you, I make my own granola – with honey – and appreciate “real food”.
    Funny how things turn around.
    ps, you look too young to remember the 70s, what’s your secret?

  23. They were crunchy granola bars that had no sweetness whatsoever. Funny enough, those are the ones I like now. Great cookies!

  24. What a lovely picture of you and your hubbie, congrats on 10 years together! I loved these cookies too, and I sure do wish I had some now!

  25. These look delish! Congrats on the anniversay AND making your own granola 🙂

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