Barefoot Bloggers: Panzanella

The first Barefoot Blogger recipe for August was Panzanella chosen by Melissa of It’s Melissa’s Kitchen.

Gah.  I am late again.  I think I know why.  This recipe sounded great, incorporating many ingredients I love but one of the members of my immediately has recently undergone a dietary change.  No bread.  No vinegar.  Difficult to accomplish this recipe without either.  So, I waited until I had an excuse to make it without.  That time didn’t come before August 12.  That is also why I didn’t get to the bonus recipe this month, California Grilled Pizza.  Sounds great and I will get to it I am sure.

In short, I really liked this salad.  I used an olive oil rosemary bread that was fabulous to begin with.  I toasted mine for quite awhile and did not let the salad sit as I have a thing about soggy bread.  I am against it.  I didn’t quite have all of Ina’s ingredients on hand, but that is the best thing about this type of recipe.  It can be altered to suit your preferences/needs.  I used balsamic instead of champagne vinegar and skipped the yellow pepper.  I am sure there are a lot of great variations out there.  Check out the Barefoot Bloggers: Whose Turn Is It? page.

2 responses to “Barefoot Bloggers: Panzanella

  1. I’m not a Barefoot Blogger, but I saw so many of these salads last week, I had to make it!! It was delicious, and yours looks yummy, too.

  2. Hey Kelly, I have 2 awards for you – see you soon!

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