TWD: Baking for Good

I love my kids.  They make me smile.  They make me laugh.  They make my heart sing.  They are also very good (experts, really) at considering their own needs above all others.  I know (hope – really hope) that all kids are this way. 

It all came to a head for us last Christmas season when, after being showered with gifts and attention, etc., they were in a bad mood and couldn’t think of anything good about the day.  If my head could have literally exploded as if in a cartoon it would have.  I feel quite certain my eyes did bulge out of their sockets a little.  Since then we have upped our efforts to instill a little appreciation and perspective in these beautiful children.

Why am I writing about this and not about the merits of chunky versus creamy PB in this week’s recipe?  Two reasons.  One, due to my own tinkering and tastes, I don’t have a lot to say about these cookies.  They were good but reminded me a lot of the Granola Grabbers from two weeks ago.  That is probably because I didn’t put nuts in either and added chocolate chips to the Grabbers.  I used creamy peanut butter for these and they just weren’t that different.  They were good, but I ate more of the Grabbers, whatever that means.

The second reason is that we made these cookies specifically for Operation Baking Gals.  I know a great many of you are familiar with and have participated in this great group but, for the newbies, Operation Baking Gals was started by Susan of She’s Becoming Doughmesstic.   We missed the first round but, for the second round, Susan had a number of “hosts” who provided us with a family member, friend, etc serving overseas.  Each host has a team of bakers that send homemade goods to our soldiers. 

I am thrilled and pleased to report that Will was very excited about this project and even made the cutest homemade card to go in our box.  I really wish I had taken a picture of it but we were running out the door to get to the post office on time.  We sent the Chunky Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Chocolate Chipsters.and snickerdoodles.  He “artfully” arranged the snickerdoodles on top for this photo. 

So, thanks to Stefany at Proceed with Caution for picking this recipe – perfect timing.  And thanks to Susan for starting Operation Baking Gals.  Anytime I can get one or both of my kids to think about the outside world, I am thrilled.  To see the other cookies, check out the TWD Blogroll here.  Next week:  Chocolate Malted Whopper Drops.  Malted milk balls in cookies?  I couldn’t be more there.

15 responses to “TWD: Baking for Good

  1. that’s funny – these reminded me of the grabbers, too. i love that last picture of your son, what a beautiful smile.

  2. What a great idea – and what a nice job he did arranging the cookies.

    Your comment about Christmas reminds me of a few years ago, when there is nothing but a flurry of flying paper and presents ripped open – then they look around the room and say, “Is that it?”

  3. Oh, your cookies are beautiful — and what a great cause! I can’t speak on behalf of all children, but mine certainly have PLENTY of issues with egocentricity. Working on that. Operation Baking Gals sounds like a great way to get them in the giving spirit. Your little helper is adorable and looks very proud — rightfully so!

  4. I think GALS is a great project to involve kids. You are a rockin’ mom! I am partial to snickerdoodles. YUM!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  5. Your cookies look great! I enjoyed these more than the grabbers but thought both were really good.

  6. Yummy! Yours look great!

  7. I can’t think of a greater thing to do for your family then to participate in this give away. You must be one seriously fabulous mom.

  8. great idea to use these cookies for the cause!

  9. What a fantastic project to include your kids in. The cookies look great.

  10. It’s great that you had a helper for these. Brianna likes to help me in the kitchen, but I don’t always have the patience for it. I love the last picture. =)

  11. i missed the grabbers so I can’t say if I found them similar or not. Since many have said so though, I may skip going back and making them.

    Great job! They look delicious! I’m glad you kids could get involved in making them.

  12. Nice cookies, and how great to involve your kids in Operation Baking GALS!

  13. What a sweet little helper. That is great that your boys got to help with such a special cause. My kids also have no problem considering their needs above all others, and when they do consider someone else, especially the siblings that they are usually bickering with, it really makes me happy.

  14. Awesome! That is neat your son made a card! I am going to try to send some cookies next round. I should have sent this round with all the cookies this recipe made!

  15. Just a little PS to let you know that I am sending a little blog award your way! Check out my blog when you can. :o)

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