Malt Ball Taste Test

After making the Chocolate Malted Whopper Drops for Tuesdays with Dorie last week, I had malt balls on the mind…specifically Maltesers (malt balls made in Holland).  There many references that the Malteser variety was better than our home grown Whoppers.  I filed a note away in my unorganized brain to give the Maltesers a try.  I have a little thing for malt balls, you see.  Well, today, I happen to be driving by World Market when I remembered that someone said they found them there.  I pulled right in.  (there is that thing for malt balls, remember?).

I thought it might be fun to do a taste test between Maltesers and Whoppers.  I gathered my most distinguished panel and we gave it a go.

The Contenders:

The Panel:

 Do you like the self portrait of the group?

The Test:

We poured them into two bowls and taste tested each.  Then, we closed our eyes and switched the bowls around.  Well, two of us did.   Colin just grabbed out of which bowl was closer and pronounced it the winner.

The Winner by Unanimous Decision:

The Maltesers won both tests.  They really are better.  Damn you Europeans and your superior candy!  (although my first preference is still the big double dipped kind)

‘Cuz I needed an excuse to eat more malt balls….


5 responses to “Malt Ball Taste Test

  1. I love your taste test! I intend to do the very same thing. I found Whoppers at Walmart tonight, and I still have some Maltesers from TWD. Nice to know what you guys thought too!

  2. Fun post. Great picture of you and your beautiful boys!

  3. Very scientific testing – with highly predictable results. The Europeans have us beat with their superior candy – there’s an English store here in town and every time I go, I walk out with $50 worth of candy.

    They don’t use as much wax and fillers as Americans do.

  4. I have never tried Maltesers, but now I really want to! Ooh, and we have a World Market here.
    Hey, check out my take on TWD Whopper Drops. I just posted it this afternoon!
    Gotta get rid of these! Do you think I could sell them on the streets, like they do crack? Ha.

  5. Great post! LOVE LOVE LOVE the self portrait of the group…one great group! Very nice…thanks for including it.

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