TWD: Dimply Plumosaurus Cake

You know the old saying about how the law is like sausage…you don’t want to see how either one gets made.  I am starting to feel this way about a lot more than sausage.   I have become one of those annoying label readers at the grocery store who is blocking your access to the Cheezits.  About once every four months I throw my hands up in disgust in the bread aisle.  If you aren’t looking, you don’t want to know.  I go home, make my own bread and it is good but never quite right for PB&J.  So, I end up back at the bread aisle… 

Well, I thought I could contain my neuroses to the “obviously junk food” aisle.  I was wrong.  I was forced to confront it again making this humble little plum cake.  Dorie says you need you need eight plums.  I used 4.5 and it could hold no more.  Apparently, my plums had giganticism.  Just what kind of frankenfood fruit am I buying?  I go to the organic farmers’ market a lot but I also go to the regular old chain grocery store, too.  I shudder to think what kind of mad scientist hybridization (is that a word?) is going on in the old plum orchard.   I am giving myself a headache at this very moment.  I am sure a nice can of chemicals Diet Dr. Pepper will clear that right up. 

The cake?  Oh yeah, the cake.  It was good.  I like plums and I like breakfast cakes, so no complaints here.  The pictures are sub par.  I baked late in the evening and wrapped it up early in the morning for work.  So, there you go.  I tried to give a piece to Will for breakfast but he asked for a PB&J as insurance.  He didn’t eat the cake.   

 It went pretty quickly at work until there was only one mangled plumosaurus left.  I will check out the other bakers to decide if any of the other variations are worth trying.  For the recipe, visit Michelle of Bake-En.  Next week:  crème brulee.  This will be my maiden voyage with homemade crème brulee.  Wish me luck.

One last thing:  I am reading a lot of blogs every week but probably not commenting as much.  This is what happens when a child steps on your laptop.  It does not make for a very pleasant viewing experience.



18 responses to “TWD: Dimply Plumosaurus Cake

  1. Oh man! I’d cry if my laptop screen looked all crazy like that. RIP lappie. Nothing a diet dr pepper won’t cure right? Glad you liked the cake. It was a good breakfast cake to be sure.
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  2. PB&J insurance – I love it! my plums were sadly ginormous, too.

  3. Holy moly – I’m with CB – I would cry if that happened to my laptop.

    Frankenfruit!! I love that – who knows what really happens with our fruit – that’s why I stick with chocolate.

    Once you make creme brulee yourself, you will never order it in a restaurant again. It is less complicated that you might think.

  4. My plums were huge also, but oh so delicious. Just the right amount of ripe. I think yours looks great. Keep baking that bread!

  5. ooooh, so sorry about the laptop! I’m reassuring myself about the plums by saying that Dorie used a different type. Yep, that’s the ticket. Your cake looks good Yum!

  6. Plumosaurus – hehe! I somehow didn’t end up with frankenfruit, but I’m with you on store bought bread – yeecchhh!

  7. Anytime breakfast involves cake, it is going to be a good day! The picture of your laptop screen hurts to look at.

  8. Oh no!!! How terrible about the lap top. 😮 (

    The cake looks great and I totally understand you with regard to reading all the labels. You know they’ve got to be messing with those plums! I don’t think some of us can leave well enough alone.

    The cake was good with cherries, though. Just wanted to let you know!

  9. Too funny – I do the same thing in the bread aisle. Why do they need 40 ingredients to make one loaf of bread when it takes only 4 or 5 at home??

  10. I love the title of your post!! You are always so funny. The cake looks great!

  11. Plumosaurus and frankenfruit — yup, that’s about right! Your pictures are all beautiful, except the laptop one. Yikes — sorry about that! Glad you liked the cake, though!

  12. Ha- love your comments about grocery shopping! Isn’t it frustrating? I think your frankenfruit cake looks yummy!

  13. I find it almost impossible to buy any kind of baked goods in the supermarket, and I’m getting that way about fruits and vegetables, too. We’re so lucky to have a great farmers market here from May to November, but soon enough I’m going to have to buy indoors again! Your cake looks great, even if the plums are huge.

  14. I loved this post. From the sausage start to the broken laptop. I know what you mean and it makes me draw inward and bake more and more and more myself. Love the plumosaurus cake too.

  15. Your cake looks great! I completely agree on the store bought bread. Bummer about your laptop screen 😦

  16. Oh, my, poor little laptop! Or should it be, poor little you? In any case, your cake looks delicious, gigantic fruit or not! I loved the cake for breakfast, it was such a treat!

  17. Mmm, diet Dr. Pepper…oh wait, the cake! Looks beautiful and tasty. Sorry about your laptop!

  18. Oh, poor laptop! Can you get a replacement screen on eBay, perhaps?

    I am also going with the “different plums” excuse. Glad you liked it!

    We read the labels too. Very distressing sometimes…

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