TWD: Caramel and Peanuts and Brownies…Oh My

Making these brownies reminded me of being a kid.  I grew up in a very close knit extended family.  I saw my cousins on both sides very frequently and went to school with some.  There were 7 of us in 7 years on my dad’s side.  Two of us cousins who did not like nuts.  My grandma would always make this sheet cake with a nut topping but she would always leave a swath at the end with just the chocolate frosting for Eric and me.  Back in the day “Grandma Sophie” (as my kids call her) could rattle off the likes and dislikes of all of her grandchildren.

Following Sophie’s lead, I left a little swath of this cake peanutless for Colin and myself.  Colin is my new nut free comrade.  Without turning this blog into something it’s not, I feel compelled to mention that Eric is no longer with us.  It will be 16 years this month and I have been thinking about him ever since this cake was announced.  It is amazing how the simple act of making a cake can call forth so many memories (and emotions). 

Colin – in a departure from Eric and I’s tradition of actually eating our special section – declared the caramel sauce ick and left the table. 

I made a six inch cake, cooked it for 30 minutes and ended up with a giant ol’ crater in the middle.  It does not look like the picture in the book.  It was good but not awe inspiring.  The brownie/cake part could have been moister (word?) and I accidentally got a peanut in mine.    I have made the caramel sauce once before and I would make it again.  But, I don’t think I would make this whole thing again. 

 Ooey Gooey Crater (yes, pictures at night again.   Damn you autumn…)

For the full recipe visit Tammy at Wee Treats by Tammy.  Check out the other blogs here.  Next week:  Biscotti.  Looks like someone will be getting a little homemade gift from yours truly.


17 responses to “TWD: Caramel and Peanuts and Brownies…Oh My

  1. This cake was quite an undertaking! I’m glad you at least loved the caramel sauce! It looks SO good!

  2. I was the same way. Not a huge fan of the cake part but I loved that caramel! YUM! I know you didn’t say much about Eric but I feel some {{HUGS}} are necessary from what you did mention.
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  3. Looks great…oh the things we do for our boys, I had to cut a piece of cake out for my little one before the caramel sauce!

  4. Your Grandma Sophie sounds like a wonderful, special woman. It sounds like this cake called up lots of memories for you, including some sad ones, but it seems like you have lots of amazing childhood memories with your grandmother and your cousins, especially your fellow nut-averse Eric. I had a huge crater in my cake too, and I thought it was dry. The topping was good once I finally made a batch without burning it. Your cake looks great, and the ooey gooey crater looks awfully tempting right now . . .

  5. Ooey gooey crater cake – he! 🙂 Your grandmother sounds like someone I’d like, someone who cares enough to know all of those things. Lucky you.

  6. Your caramel looks delicious. Grandma Sophie sounds divine.

  7. bakingforthecure

    Indeed, OMG! Those brownies look sooo great, gooey and fabulous!

  8. Thanks for adding part of your story into the post. It is amazing what can stir up memories isn’t it? My cake looked just like yours! 🙂

  9. that caramel looks divine! thanks for making my pick

  10. Looks delicious! However, I’m with you in the Comments – I also thought it a bit dry and was disappointed about the crater.

  11. I love the nut-free zone!

  12. The cake looks amazing. Although I know not who the missing person is in your life, I’m sending lots of happy thoughts your way.

  13. Sorry about your cousin – but you’re right, it just takes one thing to bring back a flood of memories – and how nice of grandma to clear a special section just for you two!!

    Are you allergic to nuts, or do you just not like them? I’m curious, because I didn’t make this cake because no one (besides me) would eat it. Sabrina’s allergic, David doesn’t like them, and Alexander couldn’t be bothered. So I have alot of territory to

  14. Great job on the cake, even if it didn’t turn out the way you’d hoped. I ended up cutting pieces of the plain cake for my girls before I added the topping, since I knew they wouldn’t eat it with the nuts. =)

  15. your cake looks delicious, especially the lava flow of caramel 🙂 yum! i am with you on not liking the peanuts… i used popcorn instead.

  16. Making the cake and remembering your cousin sounds like a peaceful and healing time. Hopefully Colin will like caramel sauce one day!

  17. Mine did the same thing. I had a pool of caramel and peanuts after removing the first slice. I thought it was just okay too. Didn’t like it enough to make it again. There are too many other great recipes to make!

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