BB: Butternut Squash Baby!

Let me just pause for a moment of celebration.  I actually posted on time.  Beware the sky may open up and swallow us all.

Back to topic, Rachel of Rachel Likes to Cook chose Butternut Squash Risotto for our first October recipe.  Great choice!  I love winter squashes.  Last year, I discovered making risooto at home.  Match made in heaven.  I did, unfortunately, have to skip the saffron.  As I mentioned in Want Pies With Post, the grocery cart was awfully full this week.  Do you ever have those weeks where you are out of every staple?  I swear we needed jam, pickles, ketchup…all those things you don’t have to buy every week.  Plus, I lost $20 bucks at the farmers’ market last weekend.  Totally into thin air…

So, no saffron.  But it was great without it.  I would have taken more pictures, but, as others have noted, it took longer to cook than the recipe specified.  The family was ready to eat.  The only change I would make would be to give it a little more kick.  But I often think that with risotto.  I must not have a very sophisticated palate.

Check out the other barefoot bloggers here.  Next up Vegetable Pot Pie.  We fully into fall….


10 responses to “BB: Butternut Squash Baby!

  1. This looks great. It was my first time making risotto and it turned out well. I left out the saffron too!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. I, too, did not have many pictures. You can’t eat it cold – pictures = out of luck!! I think it’s just as good without the saffron, anyways!!

  3. Oh that looks great! You know… I always thought I was the only one that felt that way about staples going all at the same time… then you end up going to the store to spend $150 when your groceries for the week should have been $60 tops. Grr! Does that happen to you with everyday items as well? I always seem to run out of shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toothpaste…. GRR!

  4. Your risotto looks so tasty! I can’t imagine what the saffron would have added to this one, it was so exceptional anyway. Great job!
    Bummer about your 20 bucks.

  5. Hooray for posting on time!
    Glad you liked the risotto, maybe the kick would have been in the saffron? I don’t know. I did liberally season the squash as I am a huge fan of S&P.
    Great job on the dish, congrats!

  6. That looks fabulous and your long named pie would take the cake. Keep me posted if you find a kick for your risotto.

  7. Your risotto looks great; it has the pretty yellow color even without the saffron! I hate it when I run out of all of the staples at once!

  8. It looks great! So delicious and creamy! Great job!

  9. Glad you enjoyed it – we did too. Such a delicious meal – but I agree risotto can sometimes do with a bit of spicing up.

  10. Looks so delicious! Great job!

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