TWD: pumpkin CHOCOLATE muffins

(I baked at night and delivered early in the morning.  Bear with the pictures.  I had no choice this week…)Big goings on at work and home this week so this will be short and sweet. My observations on the Pumpkin Muffins.

  1. I have kids.  I was hoping said kids would eat these muffins.  Said kids do NOT eat baked goods with heretofore unknown green seeds popping out of them.  No sunflower seeds for us.  (Ok, only one kid ate the muffins.  Shocking, I know.)

I am not what you might characterize as organized.  At all.  If you are organized and you come to my house, you will shake your head in dismay.  If you are hyperorganized (and you know who you are) and you come to my house, your head will explode.  Every now and then, however, I do get an urge to purge.  On baking day, I found myself staring at three almost empty bags of varying chocolate chips.  So, in a rare act declutterment (new word, I think), I emptied bittersweet, semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips into the batter.  What?  You think I measured?  

3.    I am impatient.  I doubled the recipe and I got more than 24 muffins.  After 24, I was done with the muffin tin if you know what I mean.  I dumped the rest in a 6 in. springform and added some raisins for fun.  I am calling it gigantimuffin (2nd new word!).

They wouldn’t let me rest until they were in the picture with gigantimuffin.

     4.   I need a little more pumpkin than most.  Honestly, I was sort of wishing that I was eating the pumpkin whoopie cookies on Peabody’s site.  I found these a little lacking.  I liked the chocolate addition but I would have preferred more pumpkin flavor.   A couple of people at work really liked them so maybe it is just me.  I did like the raisins and chocolate together. Instead of making these again, I may just add chocolate chips to my favorite pumpkin bread.

5.  I can’t format on this stupid blog.  I am going to quite now before I throw my computer out the window. 

Thanks to Kelly at Sounding my Barbaric Gulp (gotta love that name) for choosing these.  I do love any excuse to buy pumpkin puree.  The full recipe is on her site.  Next week:  chocolate-chocolate cupcakes.  Love both of those ingredients!
Check out the other muffins here.

22 responses to “TWD: pumpkin CHOCOLATE muffins

  1. Sounds like things are a little stressful around there – maybe making (and eating!) some of those whoopie pies would help? They’re indescribably good, I have to admit. I like the idea of putting three different types of chocolate into these though.

  2. i have to agree – these were good, definitely, but not as good as i’d hoped. love the photos of your kids. 🙂

  3. I must say that those whoppie pies were definitely KICK ASS. Try them, if you can. These were good, but it took me 2 tries to get them right. Love the GIGANTIMUFFIN. The boys are SO cute.

  4. Of course… children would rather have chocolate than seeds sticking out of their muffins. But despair being the mother of invention LOL LOL …and you, being the mother of mother of invention LOL …succeeded! Yay!
    Great sneaky job! LOL

  5. First of all, you crack me up! LOL I am not a pumpkin fan, so the amount of pumpkin flavor in these muffins was perfect for me. I have heard from a couple of others that like a stronger taste they would have preferred more, so no, it’s not just you 😉 I added chocolate chips too and they were divine!

  6. Loved this post from the description of your fine organziational skills right down to the gigantic muffin! And the photos of the boys just made me sad as mine are 16 now and I am just wondering where all that time went so quickly! That said, keep posting those photos…gives me a chance to remember each week to enjoy each day with themk! Great looking muffins!

  7. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha – thanks for the great early morning laugh! It sounds like a day at my house. That’s usually when my dad walks in and says “Your house is kind of messy!” Then you throw the muffins at him!!

  8. I thought they were rather bland.

    I also added chocolate.

  9. the gigantimuffin is really cute 😉 great idea to add chocolate. i was kind of wishing this had ended up more like a cupcake than a muffin… guess it’s not just me 🙂

  10. A gigantimuffin! Is that in the same family as plumosaurus frankenfood? I think it is great that your boys wanted in the picture with the gigantimuffin. My kids always want in the pictures when I am trying to photograph my baked goods for the blog, and I shoo them away (what kind of mother am I??) Your life sounds eerily similar to mine. I suspect that I would feel right at home inside your not-quite-organized house. If I make these again, I’m dumping in chocolate chips and not measuring, too.

  11. You are funny and made me laugh. I love the gigantamuffin! 🙂

  12. Loved the giant muffin and whoa – quite a bit of chocolate mix you had going there. Sounds delicious. I love chocolate anything.

  13. I am loving blondies hair!! Seven’s looks like that sometimes and I think it’s too cute.
    Thanks for the new vocabulary!

  14. So cute! (the kids and muffins).

  15. Doesn’t’ it feel good to have cleaned out your pantry! I love using up the last little bits of saved things. I agree the pumpkin could have been pumped up, but I still really liked them.

  16. i think the chocolate chips would have helped mine lack luster muffins, doesn’t chocolate make everything better?

  17. I want to take a picture with the gigantimuffin too! Trust me. I won’t come to your house and shake my head at you. Let’s just say… my house is organized clutter. HAHA. Bummer you weren’t a fan of the muffins but I am looking forward to your chocolate cupcakes next week!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  18. I don’t know what’s cuter, your sons of the gigantimuffin. Cheers to both!

  19. The giant muffin is awesome!!!

  20. I totally wanted more pumpkin. Your muffins look great and I think you’re the only one I’ve read that mixed raisins and chocolate (three kinds, no less!) Good job, you.

  21. Hey, I’m back again! I just wanted you to know that I tagged you for an award. It’s towards the end of my (insufferably long) Cooking Light Night post, if you are interested!

  22. I liked them but even my big boys wouldn’t touch them. They are waiting on the chocolate!

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