BB: All Day Vegetable Pot Pie

Ina, Ina, Ina.  Do you think I work on a farm, or in construction or in something –anything- that would require serious physical exertion before sitting down to Sunday dinner?  Well, I don’t.  I work in an office.  I did rake some leaves on Sunday but that is hardly enough to justify even one slice of her Vegetable Pot Pie as written.

Deb of Kahakai Kitchen chose Vegetable Pot Pie as our second Barefoot Bloggers recipe for October.  I was excited to try it.  Pot Pie is such a warm comforting meal on a cold night.  Being vegetarians, we aren’t likely to sit down for some good old turkey pot pie.

Well, this recipe started out promising but turned into a frustrating day for me.  I was also dealing with some cupcake issues for TWD.  First, there is enough fat in this recipe for a sumo wrestler.  One and a half sticks of butter for the sauce alone?  I think not.  I cut way down on that and used a mix of butter and olive oil.  I tried to give a health boost to the crust by using a mix of whole wheat and all purpose flour.  I have no idea if that was the problem but it was the crumbliest ugliest crust in the history of crusts.  Take a look.

Gorgeous, dahling.

By this time I had already broken a pie plate and “onion juice” was burning a hole through a cut on my finger.  There wasn’t going to be a second crust attempt.  I spent about .5 seconds trying to make it fit in one piece and then just patched it together.

My second issue was the preparation.  18 pots and pans and even more steps.  I cut the second group of onions because two seemed like more than enough.  I liked this recipe.  I really did but I don’t think I can give this much effort to pot pie.  I have made another version from allrecipes that I like and isn’t nearly as time consuming.  I did like the fennel and some of the elements of this one.  I may try to combine the two for a reasonable alternative.

3 responses to “BB: All Day Vegetable Pot Pie

  1. Two things I’ve learned in the short time I’ve done Barefoot Bloggers is that Ina loves pans, and that Ina loves butter. I think you salvaged your crust nicely, though!

  2. I thought your post was great! Enough fat for a Sumo wrestler! LOL. Thanks for the laugh. The crust doesn’t look THAT bad, though. And it sounds like you did a good job lowering the fat content a little.

  3. Ha ha ha ha! I actually didn’t make that pot pie but after reading your story, I’m kind of glad I didn’t. Why does Ina find it necessary to use every bowl, pot and spoon for her recipes? Oh I know! Because she has someone else cleaning up after her!!

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