TWD: Cupcake O’Lanterns (or I should have gone with a filling)

Sunday was one of those days in the kitchen.  I was pretty enthused to start the day.  I set aside time to make the Chocolate-Chocolate Cupcakes and the (admittedly tardy) Vegetable Pot Pie for the Barefoot Bloggers.  The pot pie was from hell so let’s move on from that.

I adore Halloween.  True unadulterated love.  I have a little get together every year for my family members who aren’t lucky enough to live where trick-or-treaters dare to go (condos and the like).  I make a giant pot of vegetarian chili and pumpkin pie every year.  The pumpkin pie is in honor of my father-in-law.  He passed away several years ago but his birthday is was on Halloween and he celebrated every year with pumpkin pie.  I also spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about other desserts, appetizers, etc. to serve.  Plus, it gives me a chance to show off my own cute little trick-or-treaters without traipsing all around the city.  Although, I am finding it ever difficult to ignore that my “cute” little trick-or-treaters are growing up and developing minds of their own.  This year I am sending out a ninja and Jango Fett, bounty hunter from Star Wars for the uninitiated.  What happened to my little plush frog and dragon?  They grew into weapon wielding candy hoarding maniacs, that’s what.

Yup, we have already been to “Trunk or Treat.”  Halloween lasts a week now.

Back to Sunday.  I was excited to make the cupcakes despite repeated warnings on the P&Q thread about dryness.  I wanted to try to make these cupcake jack o’lanterns from the Taste of Home magazine I picked up in the check-out line.  I should have stopped myself right there and reversed courses.  (This is the part of the horror movie when the sorority girl decides to take a walk by the lake. Alone. In the dark.  In a tight shirt.  You don’t know exactly what is going to happen but it isn’t going to end well).  I am a terrible cake/cookie decorator.  Nothing ever looks like I think it will and it just frustrates me.

The cupcakes went surprisingly well.  (Pride goeth before a fall.)  To make the jack o’lanterns you slice the top of two cupakes and invert one on top of the other.  I whipped up the chocolate ganache to serve as a tasty cement between the cupcakes.  Then I –attempted- to make the orange frosting.  Does this look like frosting to you?  exactly.

Don’t know what happened.  Mixedd it more.  Tried to chill it.  Ended up with goop covered in festive layer of ice.  I threw it out.  By this time the pot pie (from hell) was seriously annoying me and I had broken a pie plate so I conceded a little on the jack o’lanterns.  I turned six of the cupcakes into plain old chocolate cupcakes.  No fancy decoration.  No tasty filling.  Some leftover sprinkles from last year.

Not willing to give up, I made three jack o’lanterns.  With, I admit in shame, store bought frosting I tinted a very light orange.  I was going to use candy for the faces but….yeah…not going to happen.  The children have already plowed through most of these, even Colin which is victory enough for today.

Photo courtesy of my husband who tried valiantly to get a picture in good light before the kids attacked the cupcakes.

Overnight he lost his stem and his nose is runny (ha!).

The full recipe is on CB’s blog IHeartFood4Thought.

Next week starts what I am dubbing the month of surprises.  I have never tasted a version of any of the recipes for November, no rugelach, kugelhopf, rice pudding or pumpkin/pecan pie for me (and that last one will remain an unknown).  At least there are no pastry bags in site.


21 responses to “TWD: Cupcake O’Lanterns (or I should have gone with a filling)

  1. I love the jack-o-lanterns! Wonderful idea. I miss the cutsey halloween costumes, we are Marioposa this year! Glad everyone enjoyed the cupcakes!

  2. AH! How cute are those little pumpkins! Love that idea! And the chocolate ones look great as well!

    I am one of those people who buy halloween candy every year and then I get maybe 2 trick or treaters! But I live in an apartment building in the city, so I guess that’s life! I wish I had friends like you who threw parties for halloween-less people like me!!

  3. ha! I am glad to know that I am not the only one in TwD that sometimes oversteps the bounds of reality! these look cute though!!! good job!

  4. Oh yeah, we know all about the month-long Halloween extravaganza around here. I’ve been there so many times in not quite being able to replicate the supposedly “Easy!” themed treat from Taste of Home or Family Fun. I think your cupcakes with the Halloween sprinkles are plenty festive, though! I think we have the same plates. Adorable little trick-or-treaters you have there!

  5. Well I think the pumpkins are adorable… runny nose and all. What a cute idea to cut in half and stack them on top of each other. I totally wanna try that now! Your little guys look so cute in their costumes. I think every boy goes through a ninja stage. My little brothers both did! HAHA. Thanks for baking with me this week!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  6. Oh, that pumpkin is so cute. And so are your kids in those cool costumes!

  7. I almost fell out of my chair laughing reading your post. I think the jack o’ lanterns look really cute – runny nose and all. I’ve never seen the cupcakes flipped like that to make a pumpkin so I *may* just have to give that a try.

    BTW – Alexander is a NINJA again this year for Halloween. I think this is his 3rd or 4th time (but I always have to buy another costume!).

  8. Oh sad! I love how the jack o’ lanterns turned out though, such a cute idea.

  9. Oh, yes…I’ve had frosting look like that, too. The cupcakes look great. We used our last year’s (or maybe even 2 years ago…) sprinkles also.

  10. love the costumes, and the cupcakes! i used those same sprinkles 😉 the jack o lanterns look so cool!

  11. Very very fun post…I laughed my way through it all…at your expense, I am afraid, but you are sooooo funny. The little cupcakes turned out nicely and the little jackolanterns are too too cute. A fine job of it all.

    When my two boys were little, we waited until they were 4 before venturing out for the treating routine. Our subdivision has about 60 houses with wide lawns, large lots, etc. and Matthew decided that after each and every house he would bring his treat home, place it on the table and then go out to the next house. Now, I was home answering the door for other trick or treaters, so this left my husband to be in charge of the boys…he very patiently came home with Matthew each and every step of the way…is he a prince or what? LOL. The boys are 16 now and trick or treating days are over…they pass quickly…enjoy now!

  12. I am sorry! You have me laughing though. I think the Jack o lanterns turned out cute!

  13. I love the pictures of your goblins in their costumes! I always have such a fun time at Halloween and these cupcakes were perfect for this week. You did a great job on yours.

  14. There are a lot of interesting recipes on tap, aren’t there? We are all geared up for Halloween around here, too. For us, it’s all about the super heroes. Nice job on the cupcakes, and the jack o’lanterns were a cute idea.

  15. Bummer that it was one of “those” days in the kitchen! At least you got a good blog post out of it right? 🙂 Your cupcakes look cute!

  16. I think your cupcakes still look great! What a cute idea!

  17. So cute! Great job!!!

  18. I hope your week is going better than your weekend did. The cupcakes look great, even if things didn’t work the way you wanted them to. I’m lucky on the Halloween front–my girls are still content to be Disney princesses. Brianna is Sleeping Beauty this year. Gillian now fits into B’s old Cinderella dress. (2005; we also have Belle from 2006 and Snow White from last year…) =)

  19. The pumpkins are adorable! No shame in the storebought frosting–as they say, know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.

  20. I am with you about the month of surprises!! I am shakin’ in my boots at the trhought of those up coming recipes!! Love the pumpkins!

  21. I love the pumpkins they are fantastic. All your cupcakes look delicious

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