TWD: Kugelhopf: I just didn’t get it.


This is politically incorrect, but, if this is what the good folks in Alsace-Lorraine choose to spend their time making…they need to get out more.  This week’s Tuesday with Dorie selection was Kugelhopf.  It is bread, a sweet pretty bread but bread nonetheless. 

To make this bread, please clear the next 87.6 hours of your schedule.  You will be busy steeping, stirring, mixing, slapping and waiting (and waiting) for it to rise (but more on the rising in a moment).  What do you get for your 87.6 hours of patience and perseverance?  Bread.  Specifically, bread that goes stale in 3.2 minutes.  So, if you can’t gobble it up in one sitting?  You get toast.


In my world, toast does not take two days to make.  I guess I am demanding or maybe just in possession of a monster sweet tooth.  If I spend this much time on a baked good, I want to taste all of those hours and little steps.  It should be more than satisfying.  Did I mention that this was bread?

As you can clearly see, I do not own a specialty Kugelhopf pan (and am relieved I did not purchase one).  Even with the shorter bundt pan, I did not get a good rise.  My dough was doing fine until that refrigeration step.  It took many hours the next day to get even a little height.

Out of the fridge…dscn1479

Three hours later…dscn1480

Five hours and we’re done.  It’s not coming to the top.  dscn1483

As for the recipe itself, I used dried cherries and skipped the confectioner’s sugar.  By that point, I could tell I would be underwhelmed and would be raiding the freezer for stored cookie dough after my bread dessert.  So, I did what any person in possession of a healthy sweet tooth would do.  I covered it in chocolate.  (I used Dorie’s milk chocolate sauce but subbed in semi-sweet.  yum)


This was my introduction and farewell to kugelhopf.  Don’t misunderstand.  I love bread and I love sweets.  This was just too middle of the road for me.  Next week we continue the month of the unknown with rice pudding.  My mother has already informed me that she loves rice pudding and that I will be adding drunken raisins to mine. 

Click here and you will likely see a real kugelhopf that has no doubt elated some baker.   For the recipe, visit Yolanda at the All Purpose Girl.


23 responses to “TWD: Kugelhopf: I just didn’t get it.

  1. This is awesome. I seriously could have written this entry! This “cake” made me bitter, and sad, and then bitter all over again. Glad to see I’m not alone!

  2. I’m with you… totally not worth the effort! Although slathering it with chocolate would’ve made it a little better! 🙂

  3. Ditto here, too. My kugel isn’t finished yet, but I can tell from the ingredients that it’s just a bread… and not a particularly special one… and yet one that requires 50 bazillion steps to create. Fun! Chocolate sauce sounds like a good attempt at redemption. 🙂

  4. *g* Oh I dont get it either but hey if they like it I love it. Thanks for baking with me.

  5. Ah, Kelly…your post has made me feel SO MUCH BETTER about choosing not to make this. Thank you for that. I love that you covered it with chocolate!

  6. Hahahaha – I loved your post, and the chocolate on top sounds great – however, I actually liked this recipe, didn’t find it all that time-consuming to make, really, and I plan to make it again. Your post, however, really brightened my morning, so thank you for writing so well!

  7. Your post made me LOL – your comments are oh so true! I actually liked the taste and may try it again.

  8. That’s hilarious! Thanks for saving us the time! 🙂

  9. Add another member to the “I don’t get it” club!

  10. I enjoyed it but not worth the effort of making again. Glad I didn’t buy a new pan!

  11. Hey, maybe my Kugelhopf could use a drizzle of chocolate too 🙂

  12. I love your honesty! And of course you can’t go wrong drowning anything in chocolate! I didn’t buy a special pan either.

  13. I understand not liking this if you were looking for a dessert. It’s definitely not sweet enough. Yours looks nicely golden and perfect.

  14. Okay…we loved it…what can I say…it was a big big hit around here. It might have something to do with the age of my children…they are past that “hands on” stage, and I think fiddling around with the dough satistied some of those urges still left in me…those mothering bits that like tending and caring and keeping an eye on something, albeit a hunk of dough…LOL. I just love dough rising in my house for some reason…it makes me feel so accomplished…I have NO IDEA WHY. I think, all this said, when my children were younger, like yours, I would have preferred something that didn’t take as much tending in the kitchen. Yours looks really really good, however…so don’t throw the recipe out just yet…those children will grow up, and one day you will think, “Oh, that crazy Kayte said it would come to this….” and out will come the Kugelhopf recipe to be poked and prodded and kneaded and tended…LOL…Okay, I TRIED! Yours looks great!!

  15. 87.6 hours huh? HAHA. I have to admit this was the first Dorie recipe that I can say that I won’t be earmarking to make again. But I dont regret baking it. I can cross it off my list and move on to the next thing right? Here’s to a better tasting less time wasting baking experience next week!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  16. While I can *see* your point, I guess I’m one of the few who loved this sweetish bread. Although it IS a ton of work and tending. I love the looks of yours; glad you found a way to make it tolerable. And that you didn’t mince words!!

  17. LOL! You crack me up. My favorite line – toast does not take 2 days to make! Your cake/toast does look good!!

  18. Yeah, I’m with you. I probably liked this a little more than you did, but at the end of the day, yes, it’s bread, and it took 87.6 hours to make (you once billed hours, didn’t you?) Just not a good enough return on the time investment. Maybe the rice pudding will be the ticket!

  19. I liked it but I’m with you…Maybe if I had thought it was just going to be a yeast bread and not a sweet cake I’d have liked it more.

  20. LOL You crack me up Kelly! I’m almost crying from laughing so hard!!! Ahhhh… that feels good!

    Nevertheless… you sweet brrrrread is superb!

  21. I just like knowing I tried a recipe I would have flipped right on by. Mine was really sad so I’ll try again a really spif it up. Yours really looked nice though. Happy Next Week Baking

  22. yours looks a lot like mine. But I love love love that you drizzled it with chocolate!!! YUM

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