TWD: time I will never get back….part 2.

or Who knew kuglehopf could shine in comparison? 

or Free the Arborio!


This is twenty-four (24!) hours later.  appetizing? 

Is November over yet?  I was a little apprehensive about the list of recipes this month (because I had never eaten any of these items before) but this is ridiculous.  I am pretty sure I mangled the measuring for the rugelach dough.  I will give that one another attempt.  The kugelhopf was made correctly but received unenthusiastically.  The rice pudding…liquid.   I have made a lot of pumpkin pie (but not with pecans – ick).  If it goes horribly awry, I give up. 

I even made the pudding after reading Dorie’s post about the error in the recipe.  I cooked this sucker for an hour on the stove over low heat.  It thickened but apparently not enough.  I guess I was thrown by the disclaimer in the recipe that it would still be thin until cooled.  Well, guess what?  Eighteen hours later and we are looking at rice milk and not rice pudding.  What the #$*?

dscn1509  There were high hopes at this point.  The dashing came later. 

Since mine clearly did not thicken into luscious pudding and I have never had the…um…pleasure (insert eye roll here) of rice pudding previously, I really need someone to explain why I would want to make rice pudding.  Ever.  I am not against spending time in the kitchen, although it may seem like it from the last two posts.  I make cakes, cookies, brownies, granola, bread, etc. from scratch.  Thanks to TWD, I even learned to make pudding from scratch.  And it was heavenly.  And it did not require me to quit my job or abandon my parental duties.   If you joined TWD after this recipe, run – do not walk – to your food processor and bang this one out.  Worth every minute.


No contest, right?

If rice pudding is the nirvana of all desserts and perfectly deserving of an hour plus near the stove top, by all means let me know.  Until then, I will be enjoying regular pudding and luxuriating in all of my newfound free time.  (ha).

 To see if anyone else reached a state of pudding bliss, click here.  For the recipe, visit Isabelle at Les Gourmandises d’Isa.

23 responses to “TWD: time I will never get back….part 2.

  1. November has been an interesting month! I didn’t care for the rice pudding… I’ll have to give the regular pudding a go!

  2. I also wasn’t crazy about the list of recipes chosen for the month, but it’s almost over. I didn’t know that there was an error in the recipe!! I guess I really should start checking out that P & Q over on TWD, huh? Sorry it was a mess. Don’t give up!! Your posts would be very much missed!

  3. Oh man, I could NOT agree with you more! It’s like you wrote exactly what was on my mind! I’d take Dorie’s (unbelievable!) pudding over this stuff any day!!!!

  4. Yeah, what’s with these recipes, anyways? My rice pudding totally flopped, my kugelhopf was tasteless, and pecans are a big NO in our house (allergies). sigh. I don’t know how I am going to pull this off.

    Just take comfort in the fact that you weren’t alone this week – there’s an awful lot of rice soup out there in blogland.

  5. I’m with you on this month’s recipes. Next week’s “twofer” pie will NOT include any nuts! Or gel-type consistency! Sorry yours didn’t turn out. It does seem like a lot of milk for so little rice. I cooked mine for like 45 minutes on med-high.

  6. ahhhhhhhhhhahahahaha!
    Yours looks like MINE!!
    This week SUCKED.

  7. Just twelve more days in November — you’re almost done! You know, “low” didn’t cut it for me. I needed to turn it up to “medium low” to achieve the bubbling that ultimately resulted in pudding (on my second try). It was good, but at the end of the day, it was still rice pudding.

  8. We didn’t like it later.

  9. Mine was soup at first too, then I doctored it with some corn starch and it thickened nicely. So sorry the last couple of recipes have been not so hot. Here’s to looking forward to December 🙂

  10. Sad! I’m sorry this didn’t work out, but hopefully the pie for next week does? Don’t want too many disappointing recipes in a row.

  11. Ugh, gross….I’m sorry the rice pudding didn’t work out for you. (but I think your pictures are delightfully gross…except for that last one with whipped cream. 😛 )

  12. I am chuckling because pretty much your thoughts are mine…we didn’t care for it at all. Truly a waste of time in the kitchen for me this week…well, maybe not a waste, but I can think of other things I would rather have done! December…oh, sweet December…LOL. Enjoyed your post, as always…it’s good to commiserate with someone else! So far, all the other blogs I have read loved it…I was feeling a little guilty for my post!

  13. I liked mine but I think I am in the minority on this from reading everyone’s posts! Yours looks really pretty!!

  14. You are hilarious.

  15. what a sad little chocolatey rice soup 😦 oh well… mine was runny too, although i only cooked for 40 min. i’m adding extra rice next time (the flavor was delicious enough for me to attempt this again!)

  16. when in doubt add a big dollop of cream! I think there was too much milk (or not enough rice) in the recipe. I doubled the rice amount and it thickened ok

  17. I’m so sorry your pudding didn’t turn out!

  18. I really think rice pudding is cultural or something you grew up on. I like you prefer real pudding waaaay more. I think it is the chewy stuff in it, it just doesn’t belong in pudding. Don’t get me wrong, I did get mine to turn out by the second attempt but…give me real pudding or give me death. You do have other nice recipes on here though. Love the onions!

  19. Sorry it didn’t work out! I think the “low” is actually “you need to see bubbles” or simmer. I hope the pie is better for you!

  20. Sorry your pudding was such a mess! All of this months recipes were new to me too! Good luck with the pie next week.

  21. “Sigh” guess rice pudding is an acquired taste. I have to try this eventually as I have never had rice pudding. Nice try, tho.

  22. Oh, so tragic! Is it wrong that I’m giggling, just a little? (But only because your commentary and subtitle is so funny.) Onward and upward–I have high hopes that December will bring some awesome TWD recipes.

  23. Too bad it didn’t turn out. I think the trick with the heat was that the pudding was simmering the whole time. I could be wrong though. Mine thcikened up and I liked it. I think I’m going to pass on the twofer pie. We’re already going to have four pies at Thanksgiving without it.

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