TWD: Twofer Pie for Thanksgiving


Well, possibly for once, I don’t have a lot to say this week. I made this pie. I read the P&Q thread beforehand. I was a little leary of pre-baking the shell so I half pre-baked it, if that makes any sense.


I don’t have a deep dish pie plate so I had to remove some filling. It started to overflow.


I baked it. I didn’t eat it. Nuts are not my friend. In fact, I wasn’t even there when the family ate it. We had to exit Thanksgiving a little early with a sick child (he’s fine now). I head later it was OK and the crust was a little overdone. Everyone liked the brownies I made more. The brownies were Dorie’s Quintuple Chocolate Brownies. They were chosen early on in the TWD rotation. I started at the beginning of April and I missed them. I made them for a rewind before and I would suggest – STRONGLY – that you go back and make them. NOW. They are awesome. I would also humbly suggest that you use semi-sweet for the glaze. So so so good.

Thanks to Vibi of the La Casserole Carree for picking something that married so well with American Thanksgiving. The full recipe is on her site.  Other pumpkin pecan pies are here.

I won’t lie. November was not my favorite month in the TWD world. The rugelach is probably the only one of these recipes I would repeat. Here’s to a yummy cookie-ful December.


6 responses to “TWD: Twofer Pie for Thanksgiving

  1. It looks wonderful, but I would be that nothing really compares to brownies, especially ones with four types of chocolate. At least you made it, right? That’s what I like about TWD – maybe not all the recipes, but I’m making ones that I wouldn’t have chosen to make, and most times I like them!

  2. Thank you so much Kelly, for participating with me this week! I’m happy to hear your baby’s fine… and that is wasn’t due to the pie! LOL Sorry to hear though, you didn’t get to taste it. Nervetheless, it looks great!

  3. I sorry you went through all the effort of making this pie and then not tasting it. We liked it.

  4. Bring on the cookies! I’ve made the buttery jam and the sugar cookies – and I highly recommend you run, not walk, into the kitchen and make them. Your tummy will thank you, and so will your children.

    I didn’t make the pie, I don’t think you missed much.

  5. Good for you for making this! I remember you saying that nuts are not your friend. Good call on the half pre-baking too — full-on pre-baking was the death of my pie (along with many other things). Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, and glad that your baby is feeling better. Kids love to get sick on the major holidays, don’t they?

  6. Oh, sorry that your pie didn’t wow the family, but I’m sure the brownies more than made up for it! And now I’m craving brownies before dinner…great.

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