TWD: Double up coming

I may have overindulged some last week.  And we had family in town until Sunday.  I just couldn’t get to the Linzer Sables this week.  I will make them so look for a bonus double Tuesday from me sometime this month.  Can you stand the wait??

5 responses to “TWD: Double up coming

  1. I almost didn’t make it. The only thing that saved me was that I had the day off from work today. =)

  2. Hey, a food coma is a perfect excuse.

  3. Oh, yes, we can stand the wait…let me know and I will do the brulee and other one I missed somewhere along the line! LOL.

    These were totally worth it!

  4. No, I really can’t stand the wait, but I will try.

  5. C’mon! You mean you’ve been busy?? Sheesh….what could you possibly be busy with? :o) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Looking forward to what you’ve got this week.

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