TWD: TWOFER! (No, not the pie again)


(In my best Count from Sesame Street voice) Today I have two – 2! – cookies for you. aha hahaha. I have the Linzer Sables chosen by noskos (Dennis) of Living the Life and Grandma’s All Occasion Sugar Cookies chosen by Ulrike of Kuchenlatein.  Fancy cookies chosen by Europeans. Coincidence? I think not.

When I was in college I studied abroad in Brussels. While there I was an intern at the Center for European Jewish Information with another American student. On our last day, Ben, the head of the agency, took the whole office to lunch. I will never forget what he said to me. “Melissa could easily pass for European but, Kelly, you are definitely an American.” To this day I have no idea if this was an insult, a compliment or just a general observation. It was long before I even knew there was a second George Bush and Ben was always nice to me so I am going with general observation. (Did you hear that?  All of the non-Americans in the group just chuckled knowingly).

If my taste in desserts is any indication, then Ben was spot on. I am not much of a “side of the tea cup” kind of dessert lover. If it doesn’t feel luxurious and sinful going in, then I am likely to pass. I was well into adulthood before I realized that some people actually order plain sugar cookies (and don’t just eat them because, you know, they are there and they are cookies) and choose vanilla ice cream…over other flavors, lots of other flavors. I had always assumed they were like pie crust — an important part of the equation to be sure but mainly a delivery device for something else. We had vanilla ice cream in the freezer every day of my childhood. Never once did I see anyone eat even a spoonful plain.


If these cookies are the equivalent of a nice cup of tea then I guess I am a chocolate syrup (straight from the bottle) kind of woman.

I am pleased to report that my baking mojo has not been lost forever. After the last few weeks, I was starting to worry. My linzer sables came together well. Some of the shapes worked well and some (below) did not. No fancy confectioners’ sugar pics.  I packed most away in the freezer for Christmas cookie trays, except for the ones Will grabbed.  He isn’t interested in any philosophical debates over cookie categorization.



I preferred the sugar cookies.  I chilled the dough overnight and didn’t have any problems.  I made half into a very liberal interpretation of a log and left half in the fridge to be rolled and cut in a day or so.  I kept the logs pretty simple.   I plan on dipping the shapes into chocolate…cuz while these were good, they would be even better with a little more.  And I think we have clearly established that I cannot decorate to save my life.  Did you see the shape of the log cookies?


For the full Linzer Sable recipe click here.  For the sugar cookies click here.  Thanks to Dennis and Ulrike for making me bake some “fancy” cookies.  To see the rest of the sugar cookies click here.  You should.  Some of these people can really decorate.

22 responses to “TWD: TWOFER! (No, not the pie again)

  1. I’m with you… the cookies were good, just not my “cup of tea”! Great job, though!

  2. great job on both cookies! yea i have been pretty much sticking to sprinkles and colored sugar for decorating 😉 i liked the sugar cookies a bit better too.

  3. Oh Kelly, I am SURE that “you are definitely an American” was just a general observation, don’t worry. But boy, you can sure pull off those fancy European cookies. I love the charm of your slice-and-bake cookies logs! And I think that anything is better when dipped into some chocolate.

  4. Cookies dipped in chocolate are never a bad thing, that’s for sure. I love the snowman cutout on the linzer. Adorable. Everything else looks tasty, too!

  5. Both of these cookies were just fabulous.

  6. I knew chocolate was going to be having a share of the pot this week…LOL. Your cookies look great…I love the snowman linzer…with the cutout…such a cute way to go. Great job!

  7. Very courageous of you to bake all these cookies in sush a short time! …I’m pretty much all cookied-out by now, and to say we still have next week! woahhh!
    Both yours cookies look amazing, though I must admit having a crush for pink sparkles… don’t ask me why, it must be a girl thing! LOL

  8. Ha ha ha – I whole heartedly agree that vanilla cookies, like vanilla ice cream, is merely a vehicle to add other things onto. I mean, really, why would anyone bother to eat them plain?

    PS – I think your circles are just fine.

  9. I preferred the sugar cookies also! But both of them look gorgeous!

  10. My husband is a vanilla preferer, and after 27 years of marriage, I can say I really appreciate the simple flavors. But I’m not above the gooey chocolate stuff either! Just give me all of it.
    Great job on the cookies.

  11. I’m with YOU. SUgar cookies? Vanilaa ice cream? Who orders that?
    Give me something that is going to make the size of my thighs worth it. By the way, I saw that you made my sugar cookies a few days ago…they were great! You did such a nice job – and thanks for the mention!

  12. I did both a log and rolled dough, just like you. I’ve enjoyed eating both cookies so far (linzer and sugar). Dipped in chocolate, they would be even better!

  13. they both look fab, but I love the chocolate dipped linzer cookies!

  14. Both of your cookies look great! The snowman is super cute!

  15. Both of those look wonderful, and brilliant idea to dip the linzers in chocolate. I must admit, I’m a cup of tea sort of person 🙂

  16. I definitely think it was a complement. Dip in chocolate. Fantastic. Love the snowman linzers. Great idea.

  17. A great twofer–better than the pie! ; )

  18. Pretty cookies! I like the way you dipped the sides in colored sugar.

  19. Hahahah that is so funny about being told that you are “Definitely American.” I studied in London and lived in Italy for a while and I was always told that I didn’t look very American. Sadly, in Europe, I had to take that as something of a compliment!!!

    Your two (mwa ha ha ha) fer cookies look great!

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  21. Both sorts of cookies look delicious.
    Thanks for joining TWD and baking with me

    Ulrike from Küchenlatein

  22. lol. I am not a skilled cookie decorator either. Oh the shame!

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