TWD: Update and Rewind


Really, the title should be everything goes better with chocolate.

As I mentioned in my official Tuesdays with Dorie post this week, I was planning to coat the rest of my sugar cookies in chocolate. I was prepared, however, to scrap that plan in favor some simple sprinkles and sugar decorating with my kids. When I mentioned the idea at dinner they were very enthusiastic. Unfortunately, while I was cleaning up after dinner and rolling the dough, they somehow found a Jimmy Neutron Christmas special. When it came time to cut and sprinkle I was unceremoniously dumped for a precocious science kid and his robot dog. This is a downside to having a child who can both work the remote control and read the guide. So much for Norman Rockwell right, Cathy?


Sc*$% the sprinkles and family togetherness. I went back to my original plan. My dad randomly brought over an entire bag of those green and red mints shaped like kisses. I chopped ’em up and sprinkled them on top. In my mind, the finished product was much cuter. Oh well.

I also made the Perfection Poundcake last week for work. Once again, I sort of shook my head like an idiot at the recipe. Plain poundcake? Really? People eat that? I am all over plain pound cake if there is a nice little topping to accompany it. Since a topping was not practical and I am of the belief that everything goes better with chocolate, I dumped in some chocolate chunks.


I think, had I one minute to focus on the poundcake, it could have been very good. Unfortunately, I was playing a game with son #1 during the mixing stages. I did a fabulous job of creaming that butter for five minutes. With no sugar. Oops. I assume that even people who eat plain pound cake want the sugar. I had to toss that in later. Then I set my timer for 45 minutes and dutifully added my foil tent. Then I got busy with laundry and bed times and the cake….a little overbaked I think. I have no earthly idea of exactly how long I baked it but it was more time than needed.


The moral of the story? Learn to multi-task or tell those kids to read their own dang story (yeah, right).


5 responses to “TWD: Update and Rewind

  1. Kids…always getting in the way of baking, right? :o)
    By the way, I’m not really looking forward to the day where they know how to read the guide and use the remote!
    Everything looks good to me, especially those chocolate dipped cookies.

  2. Ahh, but you see, now you have the perfect opportunity to create a spectacular chocolate dessert with the overdone pound cake.
    And that will be a thing of great beauty!

  3. Your cookies look yummy and now I want some pound cake!

  4. I think that the Jimmy Neutron Christmas special is way more “Norman Rockwell” than, say, “A Very Rugrats Christmas.” Honestly, the fact that I can’t help but multitask is really at the root of most of my kitchen woes — the burning, the overmixing, using cumin instead of cinnamon in my spice cakes. But I think YOU multitask like a champ — those cookies look SO cute with the red & green kisses, and your poundcake doesn’t look even remotely overdone in the picture. Slap some ice cream on that baby and it’ll be good to go!

  5. Love the cookies! And the pound cake looks good, even if it is overdone a bit!!

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