TWD: Gray cookies, if you like that sort of thing…


Tuesdays with Dorie finishes its cookie trifecta with Buttery Jam cookies.

If you are the sort of person that makes your bed – for real, tucking and all – every morning, sets the table like a restaurant and just generally prefers that things look a certain way, this cookie – my version anyway – is not for you. My version turned out to be an unfortunate shade that is kind of blue, kind of purple, kind of gray and all unappetizing. You will notice that Dorie did not suggest Blackberry jam for the jam in these cookies…with good reason. She is trying to sell these books, you know. A lovely gray cookie does not food porn make.


Frankly, the color was the most exciting thing about these. They were super easy to make and decent to eat. I think more or maybe just better, thicker jam might be in order for these. Will liked them; Colin liked the batter. The best thing about these cookies was that the boys joined in. After the rejection in favor of Jimmy Neutron last week, I was thrilled to have my helpers back. Will was even insistent on wearing his chef’s hat and apron.


Colin missed most of the work on the buttery jam cookies and begged to make more cookies…WITH sprinkles. There was no time for chilling and all that jazz so we threw together some M&M cookies. and added three kinds of sprinkles. I am pretty sure the pictures do not in any way accurately reflect the absolute garish christmas overload present in these poor defenseless cookies. Needless to say, Will loved them. Colin – the Dr Frankenstein behind these creations – abandoned them to the cookie jar.


This is worse than the how the kitchen usually looks but, even still, do you think organization should be my top New Year’s resolution?


Colin had so much fun he dragged us back to the kitchen the next night. We made Martha Stewart’s outrageous chocolate cookies, one of my faves. If you haven’t made these, do. They remind me a little of Dorie’s Chocolate Chunkers. They are pure chocolately goodness.


To see a more appetizing version of the buttery jam cookies, click here. For the full recipe visit, Heather of Randomosity and the Girl.


21 responses to “TWD: Gray cookies, if you like that sort of thing…

  1. Great cookies! I love little helpers!

  2. How cute your boys were helping out and I love the chef hat!

  3. My son wanted to know if Will was a chef! :o) Looks like you guys had fun in the kitchen. Even though they were not the prettiest cookie, I thought these were okay. Not spectacular, but okay and good for the cookie trays.

  4. I loved these cookies.

    I think the blue/grey color is great.

  5. Will could be making paper mache in there and I’d eat it if he wore that chef hat! And the garish Christmas overload cookies make me want to go a-wassailing right now, they are just that festive. Looks like everyone had a ball!! And I think these are just ugly cookies, no matter what kind of jam that you use.

  6. I ended up with pink/gray cookies, so I’m with you there. But wow – garish is the only way to describe those sprinkle cookies!

  7. Cute chef!! Who cares what color they are. I am sure they taste wonderful!

  8. Love the post…always learn things over here in your kitchen! And, a busy wonderful warm and cozy kitchen always looks exactly like yours…complete with the little chef(s). Happy memories…happy times…

  9. aww, i love the chef hat 🙂 glad they went over well! i say next time, just embrace the blue and put a ton of blue food coloring in the mix 😉

  10. Your kitchen does look very fun… and if those little boys remember those grey cookies, I guarantee that they will be happy memories. They will always remember baking with their mom.

  11. Oh I love the kids in the hats! How sweet is that. Treasure these moments because they grow so quickly. I really do miss making cookies with my boys. I loved these rather plain cookies.

  12. Yeah, well, my chefs have almost completely abandoned the kitchen. At least yours are creative and they want to help!

    Hmmm, the cookies are an interesting shade of gray……..but I think the ones with m&m’s and sprinkles look great!

  13. I used a raspberry cranberry jam and had color issues as well.

  14. Seriously love the little chef hat! Is that perfect or what?! Your boys are so delightful. I can tell they are on Santa’s good list. 🙂

  15. Such a cute little chef. I too used blackberry jam and ended up with purple cookies. That is how I got my kiddos to actually try them. And when they did they were gone!

  16. Kelly, this is your secret baker!
    Could you put your address in your elfster profile so I can send you your secret baker card?


  17. Hahaha that’s so funny! I thought mine looked off for some reason… I used raspberry jam! That must be why! Mine were this odd white color!! Now I know for next time (but I doubt there would be a next time!)

  18. I wasn’t to impressed with these cookies either. They were easy to make and bake but the taste just wasnt there for me.
    Your cookies look pretty though:)

  19. Grey cookies not good food porn. What grey food is. I am surprised they came out grey tho. Look goo tho.

  20. The grey color is masked but the cuteness of your helpers!

  21. Love this post! Every single part. From the gray cookies to the garish cookies (and the photo of the two together is just priceless!) to the chef hat (and the totally adorable boys) to the kitchen!! I assure you if you saw my kitchen on any given day you would feel LOTS better. And maybe a little smug.

    There’s nothing like cooking with your children. I still love it.

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