TWD: On hold…sort of

I am going to try to get to the butterscotch pudding but I can’t guarantee it.   There has already been an overabundance of good stuff ingested.  My pants do have to fit after the holidays.  I am not getting a new wardrobe for Christmas.

I did make the tall and creamy cheesecake.  BUT I haven’t eaten it.  It is waiting for Christmas Eve.  It is tall and certainly seemed creamy.  I have never made such a creamy cheesecake.  My usual recipe has a lot less sour cream/heavy cream.  I did change it up a little but I will do a full post next Tuesday (after the tasting).



14 responses to “TWD: On hold…sort of

  1. Oh the pudding is so worth making it!! I say go for it when you are not so busy with the holidays.

  2. I am waiting on my boy to purchase some eggs at the store.

  3. The cheesecake was really good. Perfect for Christmas – if I wasn’t already making Limoncello Tiramisu. And you say your clothes need to fit? Ba ha ha ha ha!

  4. Oh snap – I hit submit too fast –

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Congrats on your tall and creamy cheesecake! I just made my fourth grocery store run today to buy foil to wrap around the springform pan. I am about to hurt someone. Fa la la la la! I found the pudding to be too scotchy. I wish I left it out of some of the pudding, or maybe added it while it was cooking to let some of it cook off. I will be curious to hear what you think of it. Merry Christmas!

  6. I bet you will love the cheesecake. I thought it was stunningly delicious. The texture was so lovely. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  7. Wanted to wish you and your beautiful family a wonderful Christmas!!! – mary the food librarian

  8. I just made the pudding this morning, and I have the cheesecake in the oven now. I’m on a TWD marathon right now!

  9. I made the cheesecake too and opted out of the pudding! I also received your sweet Christmas card and recipe today. Thank you so much. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  10. I hear you on the pants! Looking forward to your cheesecake post. Can’t wait to give that one a shot.

  11. Happy Holidays 🙂

    ~ Julius
    from Occasional Baker

  12. I didn’t even get to make the cheesecake, nor the pudding…too many goodies and not enough mouths in which to eat them all! Happy New Year!!!!

  13. Can’t wait to read your cheesecake entry. I loved the taste but not the leaky water bath. The pudding was fab, and very easy.


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