TWD: Tall and Creamy and Forever on my thighs…


This post is the equivalent of staring blankly into the fridge looking for nothing in particular.  I am discombobulated to say the least.  Why am I discombobulated?  Well, in addition to the insane rush of the holidays, my oldest son’s birthday was December26th.  Yes, that’s right, THE day after Christmas.  (CAUTION to new parents:  Do not attempt this at home).


Regardless of which parenting/pregnancy books you read, what expert advice you seek and how much you listen to the “words of wisdom” from assorted friends and relatives, you learn one thing during your first pregnancy.  Your first child will be late.  Not only, in fact, will the child be late, but you will spend hours upon hours in labor.  Don’t even think of calling your family when you get to the hospital.  It will be awhile.


Well, in our case, not so much.  Will was due on January 14th.  I worked a full day on the 26th.  You do the math.  He came early and quick.  So quickly (until the endless pushing phase) that I missed my chance for an epidural.  Apparently, there were other fools having babies the day after Christmas and they were having c-sections.  I admit – I wavered when they first asked me about drugs.  I said I would wait and see.  I came to rue those words.  We will leave it at that.  I am not sure a blog entry that will eventually be about cheesecake (promise) is the appropriate venue for the full harrowing description.


If you are a proponent of natural childbirth, more power to ya.  I had an epidural with the second one.  Although I did refuse the initial request for the epidural.  Then my husband – he of sound judgment – reminded me what happened the first go round.  I promptly called for the anesthesiologist.


So, we had days of Christmas celebrations that bled into birthday celebrations (in two cities!).  When most of you were making a date with the couch on Christmas night I was decorating a birthday cake and hunting down scraps of birthday paper for last minute wrapping.  I am pretty sure that a Toys R Us exploded in our living room.  We just arrived back in town last night.  It is all a giant blur.  I made the cheesecake.  I ate the cheesecake on Christmas Eve.  It was eons ago.


It was, however, fabulous.  There are no pictures of the inside because I took it to a party and got busy actually enjoying the party.  I did the black and white version and I speckled the white layers with chopped up red and green mints.  Chocolate + Peppermint + Cheesecake = Heaven.


I have made lots of cheesecakes.  My recipe is usually denser than this one.  But I really enjoyed this version as well.  It cracked which hasn’t happened to me in awhile but it doesn’t really matter going down, does it?  I did attempt to pretty up but that never quite works for me.  No matter how hard I try, I always achieve the “rustic” look.

dscn0030 Crack?

dscn0034 What crack?

Thanks to Anne of Anne Strawberry.  Great choice.  The full recipe is on her blog.

Next week:  a recipe chosen by Dorie herself.  Andit has almonds.  Bummer but I will make it.

PS  I wish I had some pictures of the birthday boy on the 26th but I dropped my camera on Christmas.  I hope it gets fixed before next week…

Happy Birthday Will!  You are the best belated Christmas gift ever.

16 responses to “TWD: Tall and Creamy and Forever on my thighs…

  1. looks fabulous to me. Mine sank in the middle a bit. But you did pretty yours up! I left mine plain.
    Have a very happy new year. Love the photos of the boys.

  2. Your son is adorable! Happy birthday Will indeed! (As a Dec 22 baby, I understand about the joint Xmas/bday celebrations.) The cheesecake combo sounds fabulous!

  3. Happy birthday to your gorgeous boy. And I bow at your feet, she who gave birth without drugs. Thank god your husband talked sense into you the second time. Whew! I had back labor with Alexander and I thought I was going to die! Someday you should tell the story – I’d love to hear it!

    Hope you have a nice quiet New Years!

  4. That picture of your boy with the cotton candy might be the most awesome picture ever. I think I’d blow it up huge and hang it in my foyer. And you are my hero for going sans drugs, even if you didn’t mean to. I start begging for an epidural in my 8th month. Wow, you have had a busy month! Can’t believe you pulled off this fabulous cheesecake in the middle of all of it! I LOVE the peppermint bits — nice holiday addition! And happy birthday to your adorable little boy!

  5. What a handsome little guy! Thanks for sharing those pictures. Sounds like you’ve had quite a workout during the Christmas season. Hope you get the chance to put your feet up and relax during the New Years celebrating! Happy New Year!

    Oh…P.S. Nice cheesecake. :o) The red and green look fabulously festive.

  6. What a cute guy! Your cheesecake combo sounds super yummy!

  7. Happy Birthday Will! My older son’s name is Wiill too and it is the best name ever…congratulations to have a beautiful fmaily! See you at TWD! Off to eat cheesecake, Mary

  8. I love the peppermint cheesecake!

    Happy Birthday Will!

    Happy New Year!

  9. Your cheesecake is gorgeous and so is your firstborn! I had two without drugs. The labor was just too quick. Ah, childbirth!

    Happy New Year!

  10. What a great post! Happy Birthday Will! The cheesecake looks divine and I love the peppermint addition! Happy New Year – mary the food librarian

  11. The cheesecake looks great! Cracks in my cheesecake never bother me… they’re so easy to cover up 😉

  12. I love the idea of adding the mints to this–it looks very festive. And what great pictures of your son. How do they get so big so fast? Oh, and I think whatever part of the Toys R Us isn’t in your house is in mine… =)

  13. Thanks for the birthday update….too cute. My third has a December 12th birthday which is bad enough. Not nearly as intense as the 26th. Anyway, amazing, can’t believe you got that cheesecake made. What a woman!
    Happy New Year!

  14. I love the photos of your son. Thanks for sharing!

    You did a great job of hiding the crack in your cheesecake!

  15. The first pic looks absolutely delicious. What is that? LOL. You did a gorgeous job decorating your cheesecake! What kind of icing do you put on a cheesecake (cheesecake of any kind is my ultimate favorite)?

    Your children are just beautiful, from one who’s birthday is also on the 26th. It was such a bummer growing up because school was always out for Christmas vacation so my school friends were never around to invite for a party. My girlfriend had a son on the 22nd and they always celebrated his birthday on the half-year in June.

    I didn’t have drugs with any of the deliveries with my 3 kids. It was so fast my darn pediatrician didn’t make it for the first 2. He finally believed me on the last one and got there just in time. LOL.

  16. Loved the birthday boy salute…how cute is he???? Your dessert looks so wonderful…look at that topping! Wow.

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