TWD: Surprise! I liked it!


Mock me.  I can take it.  I have been so lazy.  Camera still broken and still sitting on top of the microwave.  So, I am treating you to a Warholesque gingerbread.

Who knew?  Gingerbread that required (begged!) for seconds.  And I happily obliged.  Previously, gingerbread was in that indifferent category that, for me, included sugar cookies, carrot cake and eclairs.  These are desserts that I will eat if served or if lying around…because…you know….they are sweet and they are… there.  BUT I am not going to order them, salivate over them or make my husband drive all over San Diego in the middle of traffic on 1/356 tank of gas with the precise directions of “near downtown” looking for any of them (don’t ask).


Well, TWD converted me into a carrot cake fan and it is on it’s way with the gingerbread.  This was so much better than I expected.  Making these discoveries has been one of the many joys of this group.  I guarantee I would have skipped over this recipe with nary a second thought on my own.

photo-701Yes, this is a postal scale from 1968 (aka my kitchen scale).  It is a wonder any of my baked goods are edible.

Mine may be a little flatter than most.  I halved the recipe and baked in an 8 inch pan.  (after Dorie’s warning, I actually measured).  I didn’t halve the icing, of course.  Is that ever a good idea?  I probably could have tracked down stem ginger or crystallized ginger but I wasn’t feeling the effort for gingerbread.  I tried the “flaming raisins” from the french brownies and, though I didn’t get much of a flame this time, they were a tasty addition.

photo-703 “Frost me and don’t be stingy”

I must not be the only one in the “meh to gingerbread” camp.  I shared this with two people who kept expressing their disbelief over how good it was.  Thanks to Heather of Sherry Trifle for this delightful surprise.  The full recipe is on her blog.

To see more gingerbread, click here.  Next week: World Peace Cookies.  I’d settle for household peace.

23 responses to “TWD: Surprise! I liked it!

  1. hmm, that San Diego story sounds like it would be interesting! So TWD made you a convert to gingerbread. Yours looks and sounds great. Unfortunately, I’m too much of a gingerbread fan – the chocolate version just didn’t work for me. And after a taste of those cookies you won’t even notice chaos in your house!

  2. I skipped this recipe and your review (and many others!) are making me wish I had tried it!

    Yours looks great!

  3. I’m not even sure why I made this. I just wasn’t excited by the gingerbread this time of year. But it was good. I hate carrot cake so it sounds like we have that in common!!! Your gingerbread looks so rich and delicious.

  4. I wasn’t a fan of gingerbread until today, either! These were a huge hit! And yours look great!

  5. I didn’t think I’d like it either, but it was surprisingly good. I would have loved it with the raisins!

  6. giggle…

    I doubled my icing.

    We loved this recipe.

  7. Glad you liked it!! It looks heavenly!

  8. Yeah, it needed more icing! Loved this cake.

  9. Your cake turned out beautifully! I loved this icing, too!

  10. I have been in the meh camp as well but this was delicious! 🙂 Good addition with the flaming raisins.

  11. 1/356 tank of gas? You must have cut it really close that time. Would love to hear the story.

    You should take that scale to the Antiques Roadshow – it could be worth something more than just measuring chocolate 🙂

  12. looks delish, i love that scale!! i didn’t use the icing recipe by the book, so i had a lot of extra, YUM.

  13. This cake took me by surprise too. I wasn’t expecting to like at all. Now I can’t stop thinking about it. Isn’t that bad?

  14. Your baked goods are not only edible, but they are properly metered! I am so glad that you enjoyed the gingerbread! I love happy endings. Oh, and I feel ten times cooler just for having LOOKED at your Warhol-esque gingerbread pic.

  15. I’ll take a little of that household peace, too!
    Glad you tried the cake.

  16. i felt the same way about this, so surprised that it was super delicious 🙂 yours looks great! btw my mom has that same kitchen scale:)

  17. Hmmm…maybe I ditched that gingerbread idea too soon…you have been right about things in the past….LOL! Maybe…maybe I will reconsider. Yours looks great. Nice job.

  18. It really was so very SURPRISINGLY good! I loved the chunks of chocolate, that’s for sure! I will definitely be making it again…and again…and probably again! :o)

  19. Your cake looks lovely! I’m really glad you were pleasantly surprised by the recipe. Isn’t it great when that happens?

  20. Glad you liked this one! It looks yummy.

  21. i liked it without the icing better, but this recipe was super delicious. definitely a keeper.

  22. I’ve learned, too, that I should just make the recipes even if they don’t sound good because they usually end up being wonderful! Glad you came over to the gingerbread side. Although, in your defense, this cake is WAY better than gingerbread cookies!

  23. YaHoo for you for making the gingerbread. Did any “boys” like it? What about you? Even 1/2 looks pretty. Good Job!

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