TWD: Islands of Frustration


I have been on a business trip and had a sick child and it isn’t even still Tuesday but here goes.  I admit I wasn’t super excited to make the Floating Islands.  I know there is a (not so small) percentage of us in TWD who say every week that we would “have passed right over this recipe” if not for the group.  Really true for me this week.  In fact, for the first time I contemplated not making something just because it didn’t sound good.  The two recipes I have missed thus far have been due to time constraints.  But I persevered.

I made the crème anglaise on Saturday night.  I think I overcooked it a little.  I think I read a little too much about the thickness, etc and I got confused and so on and so forth.  I tried to make the meringue islands on Sunday afternoon but wasn’t feeling it so I made these chocolate chip cookies instead.  When I finally convinced myself to make the islands, I got distracted by Will’s worsening condition.  He went from generic stomachache to 102 degree fever.  In my world, this also means I have to figure out if I have meetings the next day; 2) if so, can they be moved, canceled, etc.; or 3) if not, do I have someone to take care of child.  Sunday nights are a scramble anyway.  One kink and the whole system is out of whack.  I had to fly to St Louis on Monday for a performance review so…chaos.

photo-735 These are made with almond butter and agave nectar.  I substituted silken tofu for the white bean puree and used bittersweet chips.  Great, especially for someone who needs to avoid white sugar.

I think I did a pretty good job on the meringue for my first time.  But they weren’t pretty and I couldn’t get them to flip nicely in the saucepan.  I was getting visibly frustrated and started just manhandling them.  By the time they cooled, I was the only interested in giving them a try.  I was on a healthy kick this week and waited until Sunday for dessert.  I was disappointed.  I consoled myself with a big slice of “Cloudy with Meatballs Ice Cream Pie” that I completely forgot to post to You Want Pies With That? It has been that kind of week.

photo-728Oreo crust, ice cream and brownie “meatballs.”

I left the rest in the fridge.  When my mom came to my rescue Monday morning she was not in the least bit enticed by the scary white globs.  They hit the trash.  Still, thanks to Shari for making me do this.  Now, I have a little experience with meringue and lemon meringue pie is one of my all time faves.  Now, maybe I will try to make it myself.

Looking forward to next week….


9 responses to “TWD: Islands of Frustration

  1. Ugh, Alexander had that same virus – stomachache to high fever in the blink of an eye. Multiply it x 2 and that was the scene at my house last week.

    Sorry that you went to all the trouble only to throw it away.

    That pie, though, we need to talk about that pie!

  2. It looks good at least! I wasn’t a big fan of this dessert either, but I did find it fun and interesting to make.

  3. Ugh — was it strep? I never realized that there could be a “stomach” connection to strep until one time when my son never complained of a sore throat — just stomach and high fever — and it was strep. Hope your little guy is on the mend! I liked these more than I thought I would, but can’t imagine making them again. Too much hassle for what I ended up with. Now, that pie, on the other hand . . .

  4. Well, at least you had the pie and the cookies to take your mind off those blasted islands. Sorry about your week; I got stressed just reading about it!

  5. Thank goodness for those Mom’s. So glad she was able to help. I totally know what you mean about the texture. Some of mine were smaller and I think they stayed in the milk too long. At least that’s my story, he he. Glad you made them anyway. I froze the remaining creme anglaise yesterday and its so yummy.
    Hope things clalm down for you.

  6. Hope your son is feeling better by now. The ice cream pie looks great and those cookies look phenomenal!

  7. You have definitely had a FUN week. I have that book you made the Pie to go with. My kids loved it – Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. And the pie looks great. You didn’t miss anything with the meringues tho.

  8. Sounds like a tough weekend and not a good time to handle the “diva eggs” that is meringue. Hope things are back to normal at your house!

  9. I hope everyone is well at your house!! I am glad you made the cookies, they are always a winner and the pie looks fabulous!

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