TWD: It was about time…


***Well, I took my camera in.  They had to send it up to Nikon.  I won’t know until the end of the week if they can repair it.  And, even if they can, there is every possibility that it will be too expensive relative to the worth of the camera.  What I am trying to say…expect crappy laptop photos at least through caramel crunch bars.  Back to our originally scheduled programming…

Dear Devil’s Food Black and White Cake –

Please be my valentine.  Now.  Tomorrow.  Forever.  I don’t know how I ended up with a daughter who likes to cook and bake.  Oh, my sweet tooth is legendary.  I would eat doughnuts and cookie dough for breakfast.  Fine.  Yes, I have eaten cookie dough for breakfast but who are you to judge?  I love it all (the richer and gooier the better) but I don’t want to actually spend a minute of my time in the kitchen making it.  There was that unfortunate period in the mid-90’s went I months – many months – without a working oven and I barely noticed.  I made my share of Toll House cookies when she was little but that is all I can claim.

However it happened it was worth it.  I am especially enjoying this Tuesdays with Dorie business.   I have been anxiously waiting for you, dear cover cake and, now that we are acquainted, I have already put in several requests for you in the future.  She mentioned something about time and detail and a thermometer that went from 230 to 250 in 1.2 seconds but, truth be told, I wasn’t listening.  Blah blah blah….where is my cake already?



I was so busy enjoying your chocolately goodness I didn’t even notice that you aren’t circular.   Once again she started off on some story about 9in v. 8 in and blah blah blah…oohh more frosting.  I was forced to eat my share for breakfast this morning.  Kelly mentioned something about grilled tofu and chard for dinner before cake and I became conveniently busy Sunday night.  I know younger people eat that stuff but, really, by choice?  Not my choice.  I am here now watching her kids, and Will and I are into our second slices.  It’s not even noon but I heard some rumblings that she might take any leftovers to work.  Not on my watch, dear cake, not on my watch.  Will and I are compelled to save you from that fate.  Colin won’t eat any because there is cake in the frosting.  He may look like Kelly but that nonsense has to be from her husband’s family.

Yes, that is him with a chocolate chip cookie…


I always knew Kelly would turn out all right despite that time she stayed out until 3:00am in high school and tried to rationalize it by saying she would be in college in 6 months anyway.  I still love to bring that one up but I digress.

I love you chocolate marshmallow cake.  Please don’t ever leave me.  Unless you have brothers.  Lots of them.

Your devoted soul mate,


The full recipe can be found at Confessions of a City Eater by Stephanie.  Great choice!

Next week:  Caramel Crunch Bars


24 responses to “TWD: It was about time…

  1. I loved this cake too, wasn’t it yummy?! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. ROFL!!! Yes, I have no doubt that any “I don’t want cake in my frosting” quirks are not from you. I am so glad that your cake was so fabulous that it inspired this moving letter! Your cake looks delicious, even in a non-circle form and with your B string camera (and don’t worry, you’ll have us hanging on your every word if you start talking to us about 8″ versus 9″ pans!)!

  3. Looks fabulous! Great job and it sounds like it was a hit with almost everyone. :o)

  4. What a cute story – sounds just like my mother. Wants the cake, but doesn’t want to make it.

  5. What a great post! This was an aptly named cake – DEVIL’S food, huh? I love the photo with the cookie…too cute!

  6. It was so good.

    PS. Sorry your camera is at the doctor’s. I spent almost 3 months without mine, and it was pure torture.

  7. Nice job on the cake! and great post!! I hope your camera gets fixed and soon!

  8. Nice cake. Your frosting looks so good!

  9. I actually LOVE the shape of your cake, and if I make it again, will try it that way! This cake was absolute perfection! SO SO GOOD and I’ll join you with this cake and his (or her) brothers!

  10. I think we food bloggers gunk up our cameras more than anyone else! Your cake looks so yummy though!

  11. Hilarious! This cake is beautifully done! Love the shape!

  12. Loved your post. Now, that’s a magnificent looking cake!!

  13. Glad you all enjoyed this cake so much! NIce job.

  14. THAT is too dang funny! What a write up. What a cake! Nice HUGE layers.
    Having a giveaway on my blog, come on over for a sec.

  15. I’m so glad to hear it from your mother’s mouth! I’d say if you can produce a cake that gorgeous (not to mention the boys, lol) then you turned out just fine. We’ll just forget about any teenage indiscretions!

    And estimating things like repair dates by the TWD treat is also too funny. You’re getting the hang of the laptop photography, though.

  16. I think many hearts were won with this cake!

  17. Great post…and I love different shapes of cakes…it gives me lots of ideas when people show different sizes, different things, etc. Your take on all this was fun.

  18. Hehe – absolutely love it. The whole thing. For serious. Although I have to admit, I really like tofu. And chard. Sorry? 🙂

  19. LOL! Love your post. Love the cake. It is beautiful!!!

  20. You are too funny!! The cake was supposed to be round??? HeeHee. It was good. And even better if all you have to do is EAT it.

    Chard?? Tofu??? YUCKY!!

  21. Great post! It is a beautiful cake and you are so funny!

  22. The cake looks beautiful! Your post cracked me up. I’m the same way with eating sweets for breakfast sometimes. My husband always gives me a hard time about it!

  23. Funny story. I liked your post and your cake too! Great idea to use a different shape. Didn’t have the right pan either.
    Great job

  24. All the TWD cakes are beautifully done! Yours included. 🙂

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