Things that turned out more pleasantly than I expected: 

  1.  Lincoln, Nebraska
  2.  A night of arias from Handel
  3. My first semester law school grades
  4. My second go ’round with childbirth
  5. Bull Durham
  6. Last Thanksgiving
  7. Caramel Crunch Bars


Don’t get me wrong.  I wasn’t expecting the worst.  I really had no preconceived notions about these.  They didn’t catch my eye in any of the 20+ times I have flipped through the recipes.  That said, they were a pleasant surprise.  I only made half the recipe.  My hubs’ birthday was last weekend and we gorged on Mexican and cupcakes**.  I also skipped the toffee bits thinking maybe Colin would eat them plain (no chance in hell with toffee bits).  I was, of course, wrong.  I am not sure what was objectionable about them but I fear I will never understand the inner workings of his mind where food is concerned.

I have this nagging feeling that I have made these before but I can’t recall when or why.  I may be losing my grip on the inner workings of my brain.


**The cupcake frosting was made with silken tofu but don’t tell Colin.  I would have liked to have posted about them but I am getting frustrated with my limited photography options.  I couldn’t take any pictures of the bars in progress because Jamie was doing our taxes on the computer.  Somehow a (polite) entreaty for photos of uncooked dessert didn’t seem like the best idea.

This is what happens when you leave iPhoto up on your laptop.  I came back to find 89 new photos after the crunch bars.  All a variation of this:


There are lots of “neat” effects…

Armagnac cake next week.  Truthfully, I don’t know what that is.  Probably means good ol’ whiskey and raisins for me.

14 responses to “TWD

  1. heha!! that is funny. We have a new web cam and the kids get in and do all kinds of crazy videos and pictures!

  2. Hilarious! There must be lots of fun pics to look at, that’s for sure! The cookies look yummy.

  3. First – glad you were so pleasantly surprised with the bars. I thought they were more complicated than they needed to be. That said, they were good.

    Love the pictures – this is why I usually hide my camera, so Alexander doesn’t sneak up behind me and take pictures that I’d never want published.

  4. Some of the coolest pix we get happen when my 6 year old runs loose with the camera. I love it when things turn out better than expected! I really liked them too; didn’t notice much “caramel” in there, but the heath more than made up for that.

  5. you are too funny! I love that list of randoms! They look DELISH!

  6. Funny boys! One of mine is picky like yours, won’t even try stuff! He did eat the sprinkled bar though. Chocolate and sprinkles get them every time.
    Love your write ups.

  7. Your bars look wonderfully delicious. Love the pictures of your boys. Fun!

  8. Nice looking bars! And Bull Durham is one my favorite movies ever.

  9. Such fun that you included the photos the boys left for you…I can so see that happening here, too. Your bars look great. Tofu??? Really and truly??? Impressive.

  10. First, I LOVED your list of things. In fact it got a hearty guffaw of recognition from me. I agree about most of the 7, truth be told. But the bars were about what I expected or a bit less. My tasters went nuts over them; I’d be just as happy with a Heath bar or a Skor. Next, I’d never heard of armagac before. I used Grand Marnier and the prunes and it was one of the best chocolate desserts to come out of my kitchen. Cut those prunes small and smoosh them when you cook them. They make the cake texture really fudgey.

  11. I like the way they look with naked tops!

  12. i like your list of 7 things. i always kind of skipped over these too in the book, i think i thought they were granola bars with vanilla frosting inside. i have a million silly pictures from using photo booth on my mac, it’s so much fun. 🙂

  13. The “fun house” style picture of your boys is perfect as was your decision to leave off the rubbly bits of toffee. Your bars look delicious, and sometime you’ll have to share your recipe for the frosting made with silken tofu. I love tofu in all of its many forms!

  14. So glad that this went on your list of things that pleasantly suprised you!!!! I have no idea where I’m going to find Armagnac! I might be with you and whiskey and raisins next week!

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