TWD: Prune Brandy Cake


My sister-in-law is having a medical emergency so this will be short and I won’t be reading the blogs tomorrow.  I am sure everyone’s cake was fabulous.

I used prunes – what the hell? – and brandy.  Even the airport size bottles of cognac seemed far too costly for just a cake.  I made a couple of other substitutions – almonds for the nuts and semi-sweet for the glaze.  They were what  I had around.


The cake was good even if the 637 steps required about as many pans.  I would probably make it again and try it with cherries (and no nuts).   I took the leftovers to work and the plate was literally licked clean.  Guess we weren’t the only ones to enjoy it.

And Dorie’s husband was right.  It was better chilled.


15 responses to “TWD: Prune Brandy Cake

  1. I hope your sister in law is alright ~

  2. The cake looks great! I hope everything goes well for your sis in law!! Best wishes to her and your family!

  3. Oh no, I hope that everything is okay with you sister-in-law.

    Your cake looks great. Who knew what prunes can do if given the chance?

  4. I think we share a very similar attitude! Prunes? Ick. Costly liquor? Nope. Use what you have.
    I hope all is well with your family.

  5. I ran out of bowls, but it was worth it.


  6. I always learn something from these blogs. Your cake is swirled so pretty. I never ever thought to do that. i guess I am too interested in eating it as soon as possible. I loved this cake! Prunes and all.

  7. I hope your sister in law is ok! Looks like your cake turned out great even with all of the subsitutions!

  8. Kelly, I hope everything is okay with your SIL. Nice job on the cake! Take care.

  9. I hope your sister in law is ok. Glad the cake turned out well!

  10. I hope your sister in law is okay. My thoughts are with your family.

  11. Love the swirls and the “waffle cone” plate! “Good at any temperature” was the consensus at our house. Best wishes to your sister-in-law.

  12. CAke does look good. And great therapy when family troubles are visiting.

  13. Haha it did require quite a few bowls didn’t it?? It wasn’t my favorite recipe but glad you enjoyed it!

  14. this cake was definitely worth the effort …and the amount of dirty dishes!

  15. looks good!

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