TWD: Faux Flan


Apparently, if you want to make a significant portion of this group of bakers run screaming, you should describe something as eggy.  In addition to expanding my own baking horizons, this group has exposed me to the (very vehement at times) preferences of other bakers.  I have loved raisins since I was child and considered them a harmless little somewhat healthy snack.  I did not know they were the devil.  I could eat apple pie and cherry pie for at least two meals of the day.  I was innocently unaware that cooked fruit is an item to be shunned like Barbie at a NOW convention.

I, of course, have my own “preferences.”  I have a thing about nuts and, truth be told, I am not so into eggy myself.  Reading the P&Q, I briefly considered skipping this week but with good reason.  You see, I gave up all sweets, except my weekly TWD, for Lent.  My husband thinks this is weak and you either give it all up or you don’t.  He may have a point but I’m ignoring it. He also clearly does not need a little bite of dark chocolate to get through the afternoon.  Baking is a stress reliever for me and does anyone really want to live with me if I can’t enjoy what I have baked?  Cutting down to once a week is plenty.  He should be glad (no, THRILLED) that I have never considered giving up all sweets.  It would not be pretty.  Just ask him about last time I gave up chocolate. 


(Custard in thermal.  I am bored with the laptop…)

So, I thought maybe I would do a little unsanctioned rewind.  That almost fudge gateau has been calling my name.  A lot.  But….I have been pleasantly surprised in the past and, frankly, I am going to have to come up with some kind of work around for the coconut macadamia cookies at the end of the month.  Just no and no to those ingredients.  My precious gateau would have to wait.

The lemon didn’t sound like a viable option to overcome the eggy flavor.  I thought about cinnamon or maybe chocolate (always a viable contender) and then someone posted that it was like flan without the caramel.  Ding ding ding.  We have a winner. Flan isn’t my favorite but caramel is like chocolate’s little sister.  It usually makes everything better.  Not wanting to mess with homemade, I spooned a little good ol’ Smuckers into the bottom of my ramekins. 


Frankly, it wasn’t my cup of tea but caramel was a very welcome addition.  It alone may  have staved off a crazed sugar deprivation binge later this week (but check back with me on Thursday).  Patty, who loves flan, loved it.  She was pleasantly surprised when I told her to just go ahead and eat the third ramekin.  I had no reason to hoard it.  It was so easy to make that, if it traveled better, I probably would make it for her again.  But we all know she would never return my dishes so this was her one shot.  Maybe someday, in a generous mood, I will make the real flan recipe from the book for her.  It is one of the few recipes I missed before joining.  But it will be looonnng after Lent.  I can promise you that.

So, thanks to Bridget of the Way the Cookie Crumbles.  You made my mom smile.

NOTES:  thanks for everyone’s well wishes about sister-in-law.  She had a brain aneurysm, had surgery and is on the long road to recovery.   Unrelated – got the estimate back on the camera.  Too much relative to the worth of the camera.  Guess I am in the market for a new one.  If anyone has any recommendations for basic digital model, let me know.  I have been trying some new recipes but haven’t been posting anything because of the photography issues.

17 responses to “TWD: Faux Flan

  1. Glad you made this even though you weren’t sure about it. I love carmel almost as much as chocolate…well, maybe not. 🙂

  2. Good for you for making the recipe anyway! 🙂

  3. Wow – lots of self discipline out there – I never could give anything up for Lent.

    Those coconut cookies are already giving me the willies.

  4. Love your intro paragraph. This group is nothing if not opinionated! Me, I like everything that’s sweet. Lent is how I break my sugar addiction each year! I’ve got to tell you that those cookies are to die for. And I don’t like coconut at all. I wasn’t excited to make them, but I found out they are an addictive little shortbread – very buttery. I had to pop them in the freezer very quickly because I could have demolished them!

    I’d recommend a Canon Digital Elph camera. We’ve had a series of them in this family over the past 6 years – 4 family members, 2 cameras each. My girls literally wore their first ones out. The camera fits in your jeans pocket and takes really decent pictures. All the photos in the first couple months of my blog are with an Elph. (Then I hauled out my big guns camera, which is a bit better, truth be told, but much more expensive.) I swear by Canon optics.

    Check out the reviews at this site:
    The Elphs are in the “ultracompact – pocketable” section.
    Good luck!

  5. I’m glad to hear that you SIL is on the road to recovery, albeit a long one. Scary stuff for her and your family.

    Good job turning this into something you could kind of like! There was indeed a bit of a mutiny on the P&Q this week. I’m like you, just sort of bouncing along assuming that raisins and eggs are somewhat innocuous. The eggyness did not bother me so much, but the overall wrongness of my finished product did. Now, if only I thought to douse it with some smucker’s, we might have had a different ballgame. Glad that your mom enjoyed this! Love your picture in thermal!

  6. I don’t think I have seen a recipe as discussed as this one. I kind of liked it altho’ the lemon flavor was rather subtle. Nice variation on yours.

  7. I’m sorry you ended up not liking this so much… I don’t understand though, how flan can be your favorite and you not liking this one.

    T’was a very nice idea to add the caramel though… perhaps caramel at the bottom and chocolate in the custard would have made you happy!!! LOL

    They look pretty cool in thermal, anyways!!!

  8. Great idea to add the caramel! I was also surprised by how passionate the responses were to this week’s pick. I think the yogurt cake will settle us back down!

  9. That’s great news about your SIL. I am actually looking forward to next weeks recipe. I’m like you, baking relaxes me. I NEED to bake.

  10. Hahah Caramel SO IS Chocolate’s little sister! Love that description! Sorry you weren’t crazy about these!

  11. Best wishes to your SIL. Your family is in my thoughts.

    The addition of caramel sounds wonderful.

  12. Laughing at the reference to the TWD bakers running…LOL. Every year Mark gives up desserts for Lent, but this year they did not want me to give up baking for TWD (afraid I would not get back to it, I think), so he gave up his beloved potato chips instead and eating between meals…it is just about killing him…LOL!

    Love coming over here and seeing what you are making and what’s up over here each week…such fun.

  13. I’m so happy to hear that your SIL is on the road to recovery!
    I’m a passionate baker, too. I absolutely find it stress relieving and NOT eating what I bake is true punishment. Nice job on the custard. At least you gave it a shot!

  14. Thanks for the update on your SIL. Your whole family are in my thoughts.

    I know! I thought the raisin, prune and egg were pretty innocent ingredients, but they hold strong feelings, no?! 🙂 Great job!

  15. It wasn’t my favorite recipe either but at least we gave it a shot! I bet the caramel was a nice addition 🙂

  16. I was so surprised that so many people hate custard!

  17. Caramel – good save! And I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes on sporadic sugar cravings 🙂

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