TWD: French Yogurt Cake (or everything goes better with Chocolate)


If you give up (most) sweets for Lent, what are the chances you won’t be slathering this cake with some rich topping?  If you said none or even less than none, you are on the money.  Let’s face it.  It’s all about gaming the system.  The year I gave up chocolate, I OD’d on Golden Nuggets.  For the uninformed, a Golden Nugget is a tasty little concoction made of equal parts vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet blended with a healthy dose of Sprite.  Sounds like deprivation, doesn’t it?

My mother really stretches credulity with her logic.  Every year she gives up sweets but eats chocolate doughnuts with abandon.  With the innocence of a child she claims, “that doughnuts are breakfast.  They are a MEAL, not a dessert.”  And, for added emphasis, “why do we have to have this argument every year?”  The fact that you are less likely to miss dessert when you have spent the morning in a powdered sugar haze seems not to faze her.

In truth, I really have no claim to the high road.  For one, I am not one of the more religious people roaming this Earth.  Secondly, as my husband was quick to point out, I am happy to exploit – or create – the loophole.  That law school education is paying off for something!  So, I limited my sweets to Tuesdays with Dorie, or in this case Tuesdays with Dorie + Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce.  (Will had his with ice cream, too and, believe me, I considered it.)


The CAKE:  I used orange zest instead of lemon and glazed it with orange marmalade.  I liked it but I am not sure I liked it as much as everyone else seems to have.  That could be because I over mixed it.  I was on the phone during the “folding in of the oil.”  Folding scares the bejeezus out of me so I should have known better.  It also sunk but I had to mess with it in the oven some (added foil tent, etc).  A couple of other people who tried it liked it, but I wish it had turned out better for them. Patty liked it too but she was probably still on a sugar high from breakfast.


Why so many people don’t care for marmalade…

I was planning on using Greek yogurt but the teensy carton at my local store was way more than I pay at Whole Foods.  When Whole Foods is the economical option the apocalypse is upon us.

The SAUCE:  Do liquids really come to boil over a medium low heat?  Mine never do – unless you are supposed to wait an hour, which I do not.  It wasn’t as good as the caramel from the back of the book but that didn’t stop me from liberally pouring it over my slice.  Twice.

The full recipe is Cookbook Addiction by Liliana.  Next week:  blueberry crumb cake.  Breakfast?


20 responses to “TWD: French Yogurt Cake (or everything goes better with Chocolate)

  1. Everything is better with chocolate! I made mine with orange zest too and thought it was great. Sorry it wasn’t your favorite but at least you tried!

  2. Bwah ha ha ha ha ha! Here I was thinking you were being so good and so virtuous, when in fact you are exploiting loopholes in the religious legal system.

    I like you even more now than I did yesterday! I’m still laughing, by the way.

    Chocolate is the only way to go, in my opinion. But you already knew that.

    And I think your turn to pick comes up before mine……..

  3. I like the Lent loophole! I wish I’d thought of that! The cake looks very, very good, especially with the chocolate sauce.

  4. It looks yummy! I like your and your mom’s loophole reasoning. Now that’s my kind of thinking. 😉

  5. Okay, I’m going to give Patty the benefit of the doubt with the blueberry crumb cake — this is definitely breakfast. Now, the doughnuts might be another story. As a lifelong Catholic (with several Papal disagreements), your Lent logic makes perfect sense to me. In fact. in high school my friends and I decided that you get a bye from your Lenten sacrifices on Sundays (so if you give up chocolate, you can eat chocolate on Sunday during Lent — as if Lent operated the same way as Weight Watchers) and shared this as if it were a well-known rule codified during Vatican 2. Your cake looks great — can’t beat that orange/chocolate combo.

  6. Oh the loophole…..I would pour chocolate sauce over this in an instant had I thought of it. yum!

  7. Oh the loophole…..I would pour chocolate sauce over this in an instant had I thought of it. yum!

  8. Chocolate and orange is a delicious combination. Nicely done.

  9. Love the loophole!! I would have smothered this in chocolate had I thought of it!! 🙂

  10. I LOVE that you covered it in chocolate!!! Way to use the loophole! 🙂

  11. OMG, just last week, my colleague used the “it’s breakfast, so it’s not dessert” logic on me — I thought she was kidding! 🙂

    Nice thinking on the loophole!!

  12. The whole loophole thing is wonderful! And your cake looks yummy, especially the piece under all that chocolate!

  13. How funny! Gaming the system when it’s you who makes the original rules! My girls and I have always given up “sweets” for Lent and they’d always ask me things like “is soda a sweet?” I’d reply “It is to me, but is it in your definition of the sweets you gave up?” I have a friend who gave up “sweets between meals” so she could have dessert at lunch or dinner or both!

    My big question this Lent was: if pureed broccoli soup has chicken stock does it violate the “no meat on Friday” rule? iow, does the Church use a vegetarian definition?

  14. I would love a slice of your cake with the chocolate poured over! What a fabulous idea. Plus,chocolate and orange. YUM.

  15. Yum. Of course everything is better with chocolate. =) I hadn’t thought of putting it on this cake (I’m not sure it would go with my version of this one). I’ll have to keep that in mind for next time. It seems like lately whenever I make any sort of chocolate sauce, it only makes it as far as a spoon (which goes straight into my mouth)…

  16. I need to try Golden Nuggets! That is right up my alley!!! The cake looks GREEEEEEEEEAT with the chocolate!

  17. I agree – everything is improved with chocolate. Your cake looks good. I think many of them, mine included, sunk a bit and it didn’t hurt the taste.

  18. Weelll, almost everything is better with chocolate – I can’t imagine pickles could be improved with it, but you never know 🙂 Mine sunk too, same as yours. Tasty all the same though, and that’s what matters!

  19. I like the way your mother thinks! What a great idea to top the cake with chocolate sauce. It must have tasted amazing!

    thanks for stopping by!

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