TWD: A loophole the size of Lake Michigan


Um…how to put this without sounding blasphemous…what was the point of these cookies?  The answer to that one completely escaped me.  I suppose it has more than a little to do with the fact that I am just not a big fan of butter cookies.  Still.  They had a generous helping of coconut but you couldn’t taste the flavor of the coconut (frankly, a plus for me) which brings us back to the original question.  We added coconut just for the subtle texture?  They weren’t attractive or even consistently unattractive.  Some -from the same baking sheet!– looked sort of like shortbread while others (see below) didn’t look like anything appealing.


Shocking that there was no photo of these in the book…

Posters on the P&Q commented heavily on the appearance but generally seemed to love the flavor.  I didn’t have high expectations but I left out the nuts to give them a fighting chance with my nut-averse taste buds.  And you know what.  They were fine.  Just plain old fine.  The husband and son #1 liked them well enough but there were several in the cookie jar a full two days later.  And I only made half a batch.  I really cannot envision when or why I would make these again.  As easy as they were, the effort still outweighed the result.  C’est la vie.

Clearly one of these so-so cookies wasn’t going to hold me for the week.  So, I opened another loophole.  I decided a rewind recipe counted for my weekly TWD.  It is an official TWD recipe and I do not consider one raggedy butter cookie an official serving of dessert by any stretch of the term.  I am treading dangerously close to Patty territory here but I stand by that logic.  My belly full of Gooey Chocolate Cake and ice cream will back me up.


(terrible picture taken at night before cake hastily eaten)

If the Gooey Chocolate Cake (and ice cream!) is the price of admission to hell, book my trip.  And, who are we kidding?  Everyone who knows me in the least realizes that the Lent thing for me is convenient form of self-discipline and nothing more.  A way to get back on track after a long indulgent winter.  The religious underpinnings are far from my mind.  So, I am not going to hell.  Woo hoo.

If you haven’t made these, get on it.  Now.  Tonight.  I know you have the ingredients in your pantry.  They take about 8 seconds and are guaranteed to make any day better.  Even Colin ate one.  Need I say more?

Thanks to Jayne of the Barefoot Kitchen Witch for picking a cookie where you can’t taste the coconut.  Next week:  Banana Cream Pie!  April should be a doozy.


21 responses to “TWD: A loophole the size of Lake Michigan

  1. Raggedy Butter Cookie…HA HA!! Thanks for the laugh. I wasn’t sure I would like these, but I did. So far, I’ve made this and another of Dorie’s shortbread cookies and I haven’t had a ton of luck with them holding their shapes. By the way, the gooey chocolate cake does look damn good!

  2. Oh wow – we loved these so much we ate the ENTIRE batch last night in one sitting. Glad I only made half a batch of them or I would be waddling down the halls this morning. I loved the lime taste in them. Mine didn’t hold their square shapes too good however!!

  3. Sorry these weren’t a hit at your house, but you sure made up for it with the Gooey Chocolate cake! THAT looks amazing!

  4. It looks like you MORE than made up for the underwhelmedness you felt for this week’s TWD recipe. I am ALL over that gooey chocolate insanity. If we didn’t have twelve other chocolate recipes to bake in April, I would probably bake it tonight. All in good time . . .

  5. Bummer that you didn’t really like them. They didn’t hold their shape well for you did they? The chocolate cake looks delicious though! 🙂

  6. Sorry they weren’t your fav. Nice to end with that wonderful looking cake!

  7. You’ve sold me on the gooey chocolate cake! I’ll make this tonight!!!

  8. And you might wonder why I didn’t bother with these?


    Btw :
    1. I’ve made those cakes and they are AWESOME!
    2. I prefer my loopholes to be the size of Texas
    3. I’m your Venus, I’m your fire, it’s your desire……..

  9. Oh you just made me feel so much better about bombing this recipe… your the first I have read that didn’t like them. he he Can’t win em all I guess!

  10. I sure hope that they were worth it.`

  11. Well, do you want to say how you really felt about the cookies? Ha, if you didn’t like the flavor they really didn’t have anything to recommend them. That gooey cake, on the other hand, is appealing on lots of levels.

  12. sorry they weren’t your fav, the cake looks great though !!

  13. Cookies vs choco cake. Choco would win me, too. These were pretty good cookies, but I used chai spice and cashews. I couldn’t taste the coconut either. Both of those look really yummy!

  14. Whoa! I thought the cookies were good, but that chocolate cake looks AMAZING. I would throw out a raggedy butter cookie for a hunk of chocolate cake any day. 🙂

  15. I loved the gooey chocolate cake! The coconut butter thins were just ok for me too.

  16. LMAO! I liked these cookies more than I thought I would. I keep nibbling at them LOL

  17. Too bad you didn’t like the cookies. I’m a big fan of the butter cookie, so I really liked these. I haven’t made that cake yet either. I might have to get to it sooner rather than later. It looks amazing!

  18. GREAT post. Sorry about the cookies, but AWESOME gooey chocolate cakes. I need to make those!

  19. These cookies were hit and miss with the group. The cake was a clear winner!

  20. You’re welcome. That was, in fact, my goal – to pick a cookie where you can’t taste the coconut. And one that would be raggedy-looking. With nuts that people don’t like. Oh, I feel like the Easter Bunny, bringing angst and flavorless coconut to everyone!

  21. Well, it is a sure sign that maybe a recipe is not a keeper if there are some lett at the end of two days and there are guys in the house. At least that would be the case here. I did not get to make these before we left on spring break, so I am going to give them a try this weekend…I sure hope I have better luck. You are so funny on this post! Thanks for the giggles.

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