TWD: Banana Cream Pie (or is Potassium enough to justify the caloric intake?)


Do you find that there are some categories of food that you like in one form but not in another?  I know, from my experience in this group, that some people have an aversion to cooked fruit.  Me?  I like peanut butter but peanuts not so much.  I like melted cheese but I don’t like it cold.  No cheese platter for me.  For the longest time, I loved bananas but couldn’t really tolerate banana flavored goods.  I am largely over that now but was reminded of my past banana aversion when this week’s TWD selection came up.  I realized I had never had actually had Banana Cream Pie.   (If Banana Cream Pie is available, Chocolate Cream Pie is usually only inches away.  Which would you choose?)

I don’t consider this one of the more exotic offerings in the book so it kind of surprised me to realize I didn’t really know what a successful Banana Cream Pie should taste like.  It was thicker and darker than I expected but I liked it.  I have only one measly picture and not much time to write this up.  One of my taste testers this week was my dear friend Stephanie who was in town from Phoenix.  Steph and I were summer associates and junior associates together.  We suffered through our first bar exams (I moved to a city bordering two states and took two more – not recommended) and first years of practice together.  I know there are some other lawyers on this site and they have immediately recognized from my description that Steph and I are now bonded for life.  So, I spent the first part of this week reminiscing with her.  I will try to get around to some of the other blogs tomorrow.

For the record, she couldn’t recall ever having Banana Cream Pie either.  The novices give it a thumbs up.

PS  As I ponder the ingredients, is this the most decadent thing we have made?  Who knew a little banana could go so so bad…


14 responses to “TWD: Banana Cream Pie (or is Potassium enough to justify the caloric intake?)

  1. Heheh. I took up running last year and started eating a banana before my workouts every day. I agree – who knew bananas could be soooo decadent. I’m not sure I could justify this every week … but boy it was good!

  2. At least you tried it. I didn’t even give it a second thought. I’m bad this week and just skipped it. Yours looks delicious.

  3. At least you got to make the whole thing. I didn’t even get bananas in mine. But you know I would choose chocolate cream pie over banana cream pie any day!

  4. I would choose chocolate over banana anyday. I am afraid my kids will as well. I guess when I put it together tomorrow I’ll find out. Glad you got to catch up with an old friend!

  5. I can’t recall having banana cream pie before, either, but I really loved this one! Great job!

  6. Your pie looks like it came out really well. And I hear you about the bonding experience!

  7. This might be the most highly caloric, fat intensive recipe in the book. The word “banana” threw me off there, but while I can think of others that might equal it, I’m not sure another can top it. And you are so right: where there’s banana cream pie, chocolate cream pie is nearby, and the choice there is clear. But I still enjoyed this pie! And I’m glad that you and your friend did as well. (You are most definitely bonded for life.)

  8. This was my first banana cream pie. I was glad to try it, and I think I would like the more traditional version (sans spices) better. I’m usually all for the chocolate choice, too!

  9. I had never had banana cream pie before this week either! I enjoyed it as well. Yours looks really pretty!

  10. Using 1% milk helps lower the calories and mine turned out fine. Love your picture!

  11. I’ve never had Banana cream pie before either. I’m with you on choosing chocolate. It was pretty decadent. Luckily…I forgot to add the butter into the pastry cream. Saved few calories that way, right? Nice job.

  12. Growing up, I didn’t care for bananas at all. But I like them now. Funny how our tastes change, huh? Your pie looks great! I’ll be making this again to perfect my crust and my custard. My parents loved it.

  13. Way to try it!! I chickened out.. .I have a thing about Bananas so I know what you are saying! 🙂

  14. Well, I must have missed this last week…sorry about that as I am usually here every single week…must have been here too early…so although I am late, I must say, this is one very fine looking pie! Wow! I love the plate, too. Great job!

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