TWD: Tiramisu is so money


Tiramisu…is a da bomb!


Yup.  I’m going there.  Dorie was right.  Tiramisu was everywhere in the 90s (and still makes a respectable showing).  I myself went through an 18 month period when I ordered it every time it was on the menu.  Then, and I am sorry to admit this is the honest truth, it randomly occurred to me one day that I prefer about a million other desserts, especially ones that up the chocolate quotient.  Tiramisu was my favorite dessert…not!  Either I was just sucked into the hype or had experienced a tiramisu overload – both are entirely possible.  It wasn’t as bad as the time my friend and I ate an entire bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos while watching Valley Girl and pining for our own Randy (Nicholas Cage).  I still can’t stand the sight or smell of those.  But, I haven’t ordered tiramisu in probably 15 years.

I was stoked when one of my favorite bloggers, Megan of My Baking Adventures, chose the Tiramisu Cake this week. Coffee, cake, cream…sweet. I made half the recipe in a 6 inch springform. Next time I need to use two separate pans – my layering/cutting skills are hella bad. I did not halve the syrup or the filling/frosting. As if.


ignore the slope…

Since we are going back to the 90s with this one, I have decided my cake is an ode to the style and spirit of grunge.  I scoff at your perfectly flat and frosted cakes.  Cobain lives!

PS  the cake was dope.  We ate it in like 10 seconds.

Peace out, dawg.


16 responses to “TWD: Tiramisu is so money

  1. Love the 90s references! 🙂 Woo Grunge!!!

  2. Valley Girl was one of my favorite movies. That was when Nic Cage was cool – and how come Deborah Foreman never made it big?

    So glad you loved the cake – and I’d be A LOT happier right now if my computer hadn’t crashed this morning………

  3. Wow! This looks wonderful. I skipped this week, but will get around to it soon.

  4. Haha you’re hilarious. Glad you enjoyed the cake 🙂

  5. I agree! I love it too!

  6. LMAO your cake looks totally Rad ok was that 80’s slang !!
    I am glad you enjoyed this cake to Our was gone in a matter of two nights!

  7. You are so funny on this post…I giggled my way through the entire thing. Love that cute little decorative flower of dusting cocoa on the top…how creative is that??!! DID YOU SEE VIBI’S this week…go, go now, go directly to hers and look. LOL. OMW.

  8. Valley Girl is totally awesome! Looks like this cake was too.

  9. HOw funny! LOve the post. I’m glad you liked the cake.

  10. HA HA! Great post and great cake!

  11. As they said in the 90s – KEWL!!!!! Looks just right to me. I like sloping cakes……

  12. Great post, Kelly. I remember Valley Girl!! My friends and I were big on the Doritos, too. Unfortunately, I still like them. :o) The cake was good, but I wouldn’t say it was a favorite. Nice job, though. It looks great!

  13. Love it! Makes me proud to have grown up in the 90s 😉

  14. Sloping, poor cutting skills — no worries, it’s all good. I am so glad that this tiramisu cake was all that for you. I had to miss this week, but clearly need to do a rewind based on the reviews I’ve read of this! Your cake looks delicious!

  15. You want to know how much I loved Valley Girl. My girlfriend and I went out and bought every song we could get our hands on, Plim Souls,… etc. We made the soundtrack. It was caught up in a law suit so it wasnt released til years later. Which I have that now too. No Doritos though. But there was a total tiramisu fad!

    I love that comment, its dope. My husband and I call our chocolate crack.

  16. The real soundtrack was caught up in litigation… ha ha not ours

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