TWD: Lemon (strawberry) Tart


Major announcement:  These pictures were not – I repeat – were not taken with my laptop.  They are the product of an actual camera.  A Thanks, Jamie!  Unfortunately, it was late in the day before I got it charged and the weather gods decided this Mother’s Day should be gloomy and melancholy.  Oh well, it is a still a camera.  The photography can only improve from here.  Huzzah!

As for the tart, I wasn’t really feeling it this week.  I started late in the day and was lacking in my usual enthusiasm.  I made a six inch in my springform.  In fact, I was really really wishing I had some graham crackers on hand for the crust.  What kind of mother of two young children has no graham crackers in the pantry?  I feel certain I am breaking some unwritten rule.  Since I didn’t think the ranch flavored Goldfish (I know…ick) would be a good fit, I quickly threw together the crust.

Speed was my downfall.  I was rushing too much to see the abandoned bowl of melted butter on the counter…until I had thrown the tart in the oven.  Oops.  Unfortunately, since I decided to get cute and put sliced strawberries in the tart, I couldn’t just dump out the filling and mix it all together.  Looking back, I wish I would have thrown it all back into the blender.  I bet it would have turned a cool pink shade.  But, my thoughts were more along the lines of “Oh, crap. I boiled the damn peel only to skip the butter.  Idiot.”  So, I carefully poured the butter in, stirred and prayed.


Happily, I don’t think you could tell.  We had no comparison but nothing seemed glaringly out of place.  The lemon wasn’t too tart and I did like the addition of the strawberries (I thought they would stay on the bottom – boy it would be nice to know what I am doing sometimes).  Truthfully, though, I really liked the Most Extraordinary Lemon Cream Tart better.  It was the recipe that convinced me to join TWD.  So, when a lemon tart is necessary I will probably go with that one.

I don’t have any pictures as I made it on Saturday (pre-camera), but the Sour Cream Coffee Cake from Baked?  oh my.  An amazing coffee cake.  I gave a small one to  my 95 yr old grandma and she couldn’t stop eating it.  I found the recipe on Megan’s site.  Make it.  Soon.

The full recipe is at Babette Feasts.  Next week:  Fresh Mango Bread.  My choice!  I hope it works out…the pressure.

20 responses to “TWD: Lemon (strawberry) Tart

  1. At least you HAD pictures……….. and the tart seemed to go over well with your family.

    Mine – completely inedible.

  2. Mine bubbled over like a volcano, but it turned out fine after some doctoring 🙂 A little bitter, but I don’t think my lemons were of the best quality. DELICIOUS dough!

  3. Yeah for the new camera! That was a nice gift. I haven’t tasted this one yet, but I think I’m gonna like it. I really want to try the most extraordinary french lemon cream tart, though. That sounds SO GOOD! Anyway, nice job!

  4. Oh I like the idea of the strawberries. I’ll have to try something like that next time. I honestly thought the butter was unnecessary – it made the whole thing feel alittle oily coming out of the oven, I thought. But maybe I just over-melted it or something.

  5. Congrats on your new camera! Good job overcoming a lack of enthusiasm and making this anyway – that is half the ballgame right there. Glad you liked this even with the missing butter. But you have me wanting to try the Lemon Cream Tart now (and the coffee cake, for that matter).

  6. What a great combo, adding the strawberries. Looks great!

  7. Love the addtion of strawberries! YUM!

  8. Love the floating strawberries! Glad you enjoyed.

  9. I love the strawberries. It looks great! YUM.

  10. Glad it worked out for the most part. Cool strawberries, well, I guess hot after you baked the tart. bwah.
    And just so you know, I made the mango bread like two weeks ago and it’s pretty good! I even used whole wheat flour and cut some of the fat (then is it really TWD?) Still, pretty good! Good luck with it. My only prob was stringy mangoes. Half of the loaf is in the freezer, I will take it to share with some friends for other opinions.

  11. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve popped something in the oven and then noticed an ingredient on the counter. One time I even left the eggs out of a cake and felt SOOO dumb, as I was thinking, “boy this is some thick batter.”

    (BTW, I’ve already made the mango bread and it was really good.)

  12. Oh, that looks so beautiful. How could something that beautiful come with such a funny story about the butter and the strawberries. I often wonder what would happen if this or that didn’t get done exactly the right way…I have had plenty of opportunities to find out, and it usually turns out just fine in the end. Which makes me think…..LOL. Great addition of the fruit…I’m always about the fruit in things. Oh, and I promise, I will NOT report the grahm cracker infraction, just don’t let it happen again!

  13. Don’t you hate when stuff like that happens? Looks like you made the best of the situation. Your tart looks so pretty! Mine was really, really bitter.

  14. I love the idea of strawberries — I probably would have pureed them all together, because I like the flavor but not the texture of most fruit. And congratulations on the new camera!

  15. Love adding the strawberries! What a great idea! I forgot the cream in my filling!!!

  16. You know what I think? You did a great job for not feeling it!! I love all tarts, and this lemon one with strawberries would definitely hit the spot. As for BAKED, I am hoping there will be a group some day to bake through it! The brownies from that book are the best ever.

  17. Hey girl…. what a nice job, and what? You weren’t “feeling” it? Not sure about what that was all about. Maybe just too much mulit-tasking. GREAT JOB! It looks and sounds delicious and who doesn’t love strawberries? Looking forward to making the Mango Bread too!!! Thanks for the tip on the coffee Cake.

  18. Strawberries!!! Fantastic. Looks lovely.

  19. Another amazing recipe, great combination of flavors. Thanks!

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