TWD: Chipster Topped Brownies (a long overdue idea)


From the what-took-them-so-long-to-come-up-with-this file:

  1. Flavored toothpaste for kids
  2. Resealable raisin bags
  3. Velcro sneakers
  4. Clorox/Tide pens
  5. Flip top soup cans
  6. Chipster-topped brownies

 Let’s face it.  There are things in life that you appreciate but you can see how it took a lifetime to discover them.  We couldn’t go straight from three channels with no remote (not including youngest child in the room, of course) to DVR complete with caller ID on the TV (praise be!).  Other things, however, seem so obvious it is shocking that they weren’t around sooner.  We didn’t have DVRs in the 70s but we had flavors for crying out loud.  Why we were all stuck with mint toothpaste is a wonder.  We had Velcro long before parents were freed from the daily hourly burden of re-tieing a four old’s sneaker.   My purple Trapper Keeper was really the best use for the stuff?



Following this train of thought, it came as a complete and utter shock for me to realize that I entered middle age** before I had ever had brownie and cookie together.  Really?  These aren’t at my local bakery much less produced and waiting for my children at the local convenience store?  Shocking.   Dorie missed her chance for millions I think.


Cookie + brownie + ice cream = all swimsuits happily in the trash

Clearly, we enjoyed these.  Some members of my family really enjoyed them and they were gone by nightfall.  No joke.  Patty put them on her Dorie top 5 list (which seems a wee bit bigger than five these days, but I am not going to nitpick when it comes to positive feedback).  The differences between the layers weren’t as pronounced as I thought they would be but I don’t think it mattered in the end.  We will definitely make these again.  I should probably go for the gusto and make a whole batch next time but I am not sure they would last any longer.

Thanks to Beth at Supplicious for an awesome recipe!  The full recipe is at her site.  Check out the other brownies here.

** Splicht.  Plooey.  Splatt.  It is difficult for me to write middle-aged but, since 74 seems firmly in the senior citizen camp, I suppose I am obliged.  Reluctantly.

What happens when you turn your attention to the cookie layer…


11 responses to “TWD: Chipster Topped Brownies (a long overdue idea)

  1. Your brownies look wonderful. I’m glad they were a success.

  2. Ahhhh! What cute little helpers! This were a hit at our house as well. 🙂

  3. Are they doing the clean up from the brownies? :o) I thought these were very good, but dangerous. Swimsuits to the trash, indeed!

  4. I hear ya…I thought the same thing, I can’t believe no one has thought of this before.

    Putting on my swimsuit for this first time this year – eeek!

  5. My boys were wowed by these…warm out of the pan, literally, at room temperature (firmer, less moist and a bit of a crumble) and from the frig (chewy and fudgy and cool)…you are right, they def thought it was an idea whose time had come! Love the photo of your kitchen helpers…so cute. Mine are 16 now and those days seem so long ago…always fun living them again vicariously. Great looking chipsters!

  6. Middle-aged!!! Just remember that today’s 60 is yesterday’s 40. That is what I keep telling myself as I get closer.

    Glad yours worked out for you and all enjoyed. They look tasty.

  7. Yes – these are one of life’s greatest inventions. Nice photos, btw. Although I am starting to miss the computer camera shots….

  8. Glad you have found another undiscovered delight in life! 😉 These were a bit rich for me, but I certainly don’t need to be eating much anyway. They were fun to make though and got eaten up quickly.
    Yours look great and love your helpers!

  9. Thank you Kelly, for a great pick this week! It was a lot of fun to do and very appreciated by the whole family… I take it, it was too… by your own family! With such beautiful little elves helping you do the dishes… You must have done something great! LOL

  10. I am so glad that these were a hit with your gang! I think they would have been huge here too if I didn’t screw them up. But you are so right – why didn’t someone think of marrying these flavors before? It just makes good sense. But now don’t go calling us middle aged, my friend. I’m going to crunch some more numbers and get back with you on that one.

  11. Your brownies look terrific! I’m glad they were a hit. Mine weren’t as successful as yours but I still thought they were pretty tasty.

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