TWD: Not so fast…it’s a Whopper Cake


Happy Father’s Day to two great dads!


Well, it’s not exactly Roasted Coconut Pineapple Dacquoise.  I didn’t have an opportunity to make this ahead of time so it fell on father’s day weekend for me.  I have known the father I live with (Jamie) for almost 15 years and, in that time, I have never seen him eat anything coconut or profess any opinion about it whatsoever.  No german chocolate cake, no pina coladas.  Nuthin’.  For all I know, he could be a total coconut snob who will only deign to eat it within minutes of it falling off the tree (not likely here on the plains).  Or, he could be allergic.   Maybe he ate 15 Mounds bars in one sitting in junior high and hasn’t been able to look it in the eye since.  It’s anyone’s guess…I do know he isn’t so into meringue.  My dad likes coconut but I couldn’t see him drooling over the rest of it.  The final kicker was the kids’ ardent and vocal desire to make a “whopper cake” from the back of a library book.


Whopper cake in; dacquoise out.  I really hate to skip a week and try my best not to.  This is my 3rd miss out of 63 (63!!) weeks.   If it hadn’t been father’s day, I probably would have sucked it up and made this sans coconut.  While I would like to promise that I will get back to this one, that may be wishful thinking.  But, who knows, when we get to the end of the book I might be tormented by those few recipes I didn’t get to.  If the dacquoise becomes my telltale heart, I’ll find some willing recipient.

P6200008 Helpers extradordinaire

As for the whopper cake, I sadly admit there are no Whoppers or equivalent malted candies anywhere in the cake.  The title refers to the cake in the book, which is baked in the back of a truck bed.  Silly Grandpa gets a little crazy with the measurements for his wife’s cake.  It was very easy and good, but not my favorite chocolate cake.  I did, however, use a recipe I found in my clippings book (so last century) for Satin Frosting.  It was in a NY Times article in 2006 and they “borrowed” it from the Joy of Cooking.  SUPER easy and a great glossy finish.  I will definitely be making it again.

Satin Frosting


  1. 1 c. heavy cream
  2. 6 oz. unsweetened chocolate chopped
  3. 3 c. powdered sugar
  4. 6 tbsp butter (I let mine soften)
  5. 1 tsp. vanilla (I forgot this)

Boil the heavy cream.  Add the chopped chocolate and wait 10 minutes.  Scrape into food processor.  Add melted butter, powdered sugar and vanilla.  Process until smooth and then process one minute more.  Let sit at room temperature until desired thickness.  I don’t know exactly how long that would be.  I processed mine, ate a quick lunch and frosted away.


11 responses to “TWD: Not so fast…it’s a Whopper Cake

  1. Don’t feel bad – I skipped this week too. My husband hates coconut too, and the kids? Well, forgetaboutit.

  2. Cute boys and sweet looking cake!

  3. I skipped this week too (my 2d skip overall since August, first without a medical excuse) and feel kind of guilty about it, but oddly liberated as well. That whopped cake looks incredible. So you really liked the frosting? I might try it on the Perfect Party Cake. I’ve made the PPC before but wasn’t a fan of the buttercream (I think I’m just not a huge buttercream fan). I am going to try your frosting. I really need a go-to basic frosting.

  4. That would be the “whopper” cake that looks incredible, not the whopped cake.

  5. Your cake looks amazing and it looks like it was a wonderful day too.

  6. That cake is just that book! We happen to like all the flavors in the dacquoise, but I think I would mix this up sometime with just whipped cream, the meringues which were crunchy and nice and some strawberries…one of the girls on Twitter the other day was roasting strawberries and I thought, “Hmmm…that might be fun!” I only made a quarter version and it served six. I can’t imagine what everyone was doing with an entire version! Pics of the kids are so cute!

  7. Very cute cake! And I think dacquoise would have been wrong for Father’s day. It’s always fun to let the kids pick, and they’re happier that way, so everyone wins! I’m glad I’m not the only one who still has a clippings binder (actually 2 of them!)

  8. That looks like a pretty spectacular Father’s Day cake and even better that your boys were so enthusiastic about making it.

  9. That Whopper Cake looks soo chocolatey delicious! I much prefer chocolate over coconut! I’m still baking my dacquoise!

  10. Nothing like a little or a lot of chocolate to cure the daquoise blues! 😉 Looks great.
    Love the picture of your little helpers. Cute!

  11. Interesting idea for a cake. Better than how to eat fried worms. lol.

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