TWD: Brownies…you old poop


Who knew she could do brownies, too?  I would think those cheekbones and academy award winning acting skills would be enough advantages for one lifetime.  But, as a wise woman once told me, the sooner you realize that life isn’t fair, the better off you will be.

Back to the brownies..

  • Fudgy? Check
  • Chocolatey? Check
  • Cinnamony? Check
  • Coffeeish? Check

I saw on the P&Q that some people thought the additional flavors were a little overpowering.  I could taste them but I liked it.  Mine, however, couldn’t have been too cinnamony/coffeeish because Colin ate one.  And we all know how he feels about “foreign” tastes.  He did ask me right before it went into his mouth whether it was a “regular” brownie.  I guess he has learned to fear the unexpected raisin, etc.

Despite their star shape we had these on the 5th.  We had a house full of overnight guests all weekend.  We really enjoyed seeing our family and the kids most enjoyed the extended sleepover with their cousins.   Our 9 yr old nephew has informed us he will be back every 4th.  Apparently, the enforcement of fireworks ordinances varies widely between KC and suburban Dallas.  What is it with boys and explosives?


The brownie is in there, I promise…

Unfortunately, our house isn’t well-suited for overnight guests.  If you picture adults on an air mattress on the living room floor, (smack dab next to their dog’s crate) you are headed in the right direction.  Is there a better (family friendly!) way to unwind after a long weekend than a sundae bar?  I didn’t think so.  Besides, a flat brownie like these practically screams for a little ice cream…and chocolate sauce…maybe some caramel too…don’t forget the whipped cream…those patriotic sprinkles came in handy…and a cherry on top!

Liz at Surviving Oz chose the recipe this week.  She designed our new logo.  If I had the time and patience to figure out this avatar thing, you could see it on my blog.  Tomorrow is another day….


15 responses to “TWD: Brownies…you old poop

  1. That is a very happy child! Well done on the brownies!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. I agree, this brownie was perfect as the base for a sundae. Smart idea.

  3. I’d come to the sleepover for one of those delicious brownies! And in a sundae!? Yes!

  4. I am always up for a brownie!

  5. You sure had a houseful! And if Colin ate the brownie, then it MUST have been good.

  6. Your brownies look wonderful. I love the star shape. And brownie sundaes are always good.

  7. How cute is that boy with that smile and that huge sundae in front of him??? I hope you are printing these off for their scrapbooks…too cute. Nice idea with those star shapes…I am not creative at all, but I might be able to handle a star shape next 4th! I’ll put in my book next to this recipe with your name so I remember! Fun post, as always, nice to come by each week and see what’s up around there. Very wonderful sundaes at your place, that’s for sure.

  8. My Stars!!!!! Those look like great brownies……

    Can I come next year too!!!!

  9. Yum, that’s my kind of sundae!

  10. How fun cutting them into stars!! And great pic — he looks extremely pleased with the sundae! 🙂

  11. Once he is a teenager the tables may turn and you will be asking him if this is a “regular” brownie!

  12. I love your star shape brownies, so cute!!!

  13. I love a good make your own ice cream sundae bar!!! It became my favorite kind of bar once I had kids, some to think of it. Sounds like a fun weekend at your house! I’m glad the cool star-shaped brownies were a big hit. These really were great brownies.

  14. Perfect. Check.
    Love the stars and the sundaes! That’s a happy kid!
    Great job.

  15. Sundae bar?! Holla! I loved these but I did wish I had some ice cream to go with them. Yours look great–love the stars!

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