MONSTER Chocolate Chip Cookies


Working on the theory that you can never try too many chocolate chip cookie recipes, here is another one.  We had some visitors again this weekend and the boys decided we would make homemade cookies.  Will has this giant set of cookie recipes he received last Christmas.  Somehow they managed to come up with a “working” pile of 19 to choose from.  Clearly, Colin can’t read because I am sure there were recipes in there that he would refuse.

P7110003P7110006 Helpers at the ready…

I narrowed it down to those recipes that did not require a trip to the store and we settled on MONSTER CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES (requires all caps, don’t ya think?).  They were large indeed and a little crunchier than I expected.  Sadly, though, not my favorite Chocolate Chip cookie recipe.



4 responses to “MONSTER Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. Well, they certainly look monsterous! 😉 Cute little baker helpers!

  2. Great pics of the boys! Those are some seriously large cookies – too bad they weren’t all you’d hoped for.

  3. I totally subscribe to that belief too, about the CCC recipes. I’m always to give one a try. These look tempting, but I’m sorry that they weren’t what you were hoping for. Hope they went over well with your guests.

  4. Gorgeous cookies. I’ll have to try them. YUM. Love the helpers.

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