TWD: Attack of the Brioche Tart


I have been out of the city all day so I haven’t had a chance to see the tarts.  My guess is that they don’t look quite like this.  Why is my tart ten feet tall?  My mother is involved and we’ll get to the details in a minute.

I am not into New Age mysticism and you won’t see any crystals, horoscopes or the like around my house.  But I have come to believe in the Cake Dome Vortex.  Not familiar with it?  Surely, you have heard of the Bermuda Triangle.  The Cake Dome Vortex functions in much the same way, substituting innocent cake plates for planes.  It also happens to be located in my house.

Once upon a time, I had a lovely domed cake plate from Williams Sonoma.  I used it for seven lovely years without incident.  Then my younger son turned one and my older one decided he would “sample” the cake before it was served.  The plate and the dome both cracked and shattered.  (my father – ever the frugal one – asked if we could still serve it.  i told him that he might not mind glass shards in the icing but i was pretty sure my 3 yr old would never forgive me for shearing his intestines).

My birthday was two weeks later and my father showed up with a replacement domed cake plate.  It lasted four months before the three year old struck again.  This time he only managed to drop the dome.  I took a cake plate break for awhile and years later purchased a large plastic dome cover.  What could go wrong?

Several months into its tenure, my mother managed to simultaneously break off a kitchen cabinet door and shatter the dome.  two for one!  This time, I didn’t even bother to replace it.  A year later a lovely cake plate and dome showed up as an unexpected gift from a family friend.  This was two months ago.

I don’t even have to tell you where this is going.  If you are guessing that my mother broke this one, too, you are paying attention.  Last night.  Right after she remarked on how fragile it was.  Right before she left my tart out to rise to skyscraper like heights.

P7130003 Sorry, it was laaaate by the time it came out of the oven.

She was watching Colin while I took Will to swim lessons.  Despite my better judgment, I asked her to help with tart.  It was on the last rise before being baked.  I set the timer and asked her to put it in the (already preheated) oven when it went off.  It should have been out of the oven by the time I got home.  It, of course, hadn’t even gone in.

She stopped cooking about the time I started high school and it is like she has never seen a kitchen before.  She did stay over to try the “tart” which we both agreed was a little too bready for us.  If it was supposed to be 837 inches high, than this is not my cup of tea.  oh well, at least it was only half a recipe.

To see of others fared well, check out TWD. The full recipe is on Chez Us by Denise.


9 responses to “TWD: Attack of the Brioche Tart

  1. OH! Golly! What else could possibly go wrong. Would you a STEEL cake plate. LOL

    Some of my things have had equal luck. And usually it is my nice stuff, not the junk.

    But the brioche IS pretty.

  2. I’m thinking your most recent dome would have broken one way or the other, because the tart may well have continued to rise once the dome was placed over it, taking the dome with it and ultimately shattering it. You definitely win the Tall Tart Award for the week. Mine was much shorter, but still bready, and also sort of raw. So it’s really just whatever you like, I think. Your tart looks pretty anyway.

  3. it is a tall tart, isn’t it? Mine was a bit on the dry side, but we enjoyed the plums.

  4. Ba aha ha ah ah aha ha! So, obviously, you didn’t get your baking skills from your mother.

    It looks like a giant muffin – and see, I took the easy route and just filled mine with chocolate!

  5. LOL on the plight of the domes…who would think this much could happen to domes? Your tart looks really great…I love that first shot of the slice and I was thinking, “Now this is something to really ooh and ahh over!” It looks great to me, evn though you aren’t impressed with the height, I sure am! Lovely colors.

  6. Maybe it is a good thing I haven’t bought myself a cake dome.
    Funny about your Mom. That’s exatly why I won’t trust things to others. Too bad you didn’t like it, but I suspect it’s because of the extra long rise. It looks pretty, though!

  7. That slice on the top looks really nice. And WOW, that IS tall! There should be prizes for certain things like this!

  8. Now, that tart could have cushioned the fall of your dome. Just saying…

    I found myself thinking you should just get a plastic dome until that one bit the dust (and the cabinet door–weird!)

    Even though it’s an over achiever, I think your tart looks awesome. Bready can be a good thing when it’s brioche…

  9. Oh, what a great post, Kelly! It was bread-y and just okay for us, too. I agree with Leslie about the tart cushioning a falling cake dome! :o)

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